Placeholder Made in USA - Castello DaVarg

 Castello Davarg™ has a singular vision. This vision has a lot to do with developing and building articles right here in USA. In addition, such a strategy is our way of giving back to the community and the country. Added to this, we can control all aspects of design and crafting to the minute details more closely with our facilities closer together. 

The fact that we use genuine leather, or develop unique and functional design is secondary to the primary vision. In our view, having a balanced products and services based GDP is far healthier and stabler than merely having a services based GDP.  In other words, making more 'stuff' in USA breaks the vicious cycle of revenue growth 'selling insurance and advertising to each other'. 

There was time when we were proud of the items that bear the marks 'Made in USA'. That pride was never lost but needs a fresher look. So, let's get back to basics. Let's be innovative, let's work with our hands, and let's work together. Let's make products that are needed, and that will last forever. Let's make it in the USA.