In Twitter there was a question about the smell of DaVarg Leather. The question was about how does one characterize the scent of genuine leather. Genuine leather has a distinct smell unmatched by any. For some, genuine leather aroma is exhilarating, that it has a characteristic muskiness which is imparted mainly during the tanning process. 

    DaVarg leather is no different- every DaVarg article has genuine leather scent that is preserved through the tinting and crafting process. A whiff of DaVarg leather 'aroma' alone will proclaim its authenticity. However at Castello DaVarg we have gone one step further. We formulated the EEVEs' leather balm to further enhance the unique leather aroma. EEVEs' is formulated with essential oils from herbs and botanicals (Lavender, White Thyme,Patchouli, etc) to augment the leather aroma. The exact combination is proprietary, but we balanced out the complex mix of scents from leather, lanolin and mink oil with the herbal tones to create a unique DaVarg leather scent. 

    For customers who purchase direct from, we enclose a sample pack of EEVEs' Leather balm to start the conditioning and maturing of genuine leather. After the trials, customers seem to agree, that DaVarg leather is unique- even the way it smells. 



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