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June 01, 2013 2 min read

Castello DaVarg designs and handcrafts every article in Texas, United States of America.

Our mission at Castello DaVarg is to create articles that embody the soul and spirit of western saddlery. This dictates that only full grain leather is hand crafted to exacting functional designs. We are not merely making leather products; we are invoking the heritage and the spirit the Old Wild West in every DaVarg article. 

Every DaVarg article utilizes the best of genuine full grain leather sourced from select US tanneries, further processed to exact thickness and finish to obtain the finesse  that only genuine leather can provide. As such, leather still retains the marks and character of natural animal hide, signifying its authenticity and we dare not to modify or correct them.  This natural leather is cut and then joined together with hand stitching. Each saddle stitch pitch is crafted by skilled artisans who thread and tighten each hole to a perfect tension by hand,  to provide a stitch finish that even a mechanized sewing machine cannot master. Most articles are crafted with a single cut of leather and a single continuous thread to provide the elegant seamless look. Such attention to detail and crafting method is never easy, nor quick or cost effective; but to us, justified to retain the beauty,  durability and refinement that embodies the character of genuine full grain leather. 

Castello DaVarg does not use adhesives, liners or plastics in the crafting of these articles. Keeping these out  from the design and crafting further attests to the durability of the articles. Once crafted, the articles are aged and matured for several days at specific temperature and humidity- to set the stitches, form the bends and to relax the leather. Just as maturing brings out the exquisite flavors in fine spirits, aging of finished leather articles is another unique process DaVarg utilizes to further refinement. While these steps consume time and require constant attention to detail at every stage;  this meticulous attention in every step - starting with genuine leather and elegant designs, utilizing hand crafting, finishing and maturing- preserves and enhances the timeless character that defines a DaVarg article.  

So we say with pride, with Castello DaVarg, character comes standard.

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