There was a recent review about a leather product that claimed to be genuine leather. The observation in the review was that the lining separated from the leather. Reading the article and looking at the attached pictures made us wonder why genuine leather was given lining in the first place. Genuine leather with an intact corium layer does not need any lining, and linings take away from the elegance and character of genuine leather. Those who have used lined belts can attest to this. The lining will look good as new but it is a matter of few days before the lining separates from the outer layer, even with edge stitching. 

    If you ever come across leather that is peeling or shredding, chances are that it is bonded or one of those 'man made leather'. Try to stay away from them- they may look good as new, but will not make you look good in the long run.

    At Castello DaVarg, our mission is to bring back the leather that we have known from the past- hard wearing and durable, and maturing nicely as they get used over the years. Those who have touched and felt DaVarg leather can vouch for this. We do not add any lining nor we need to. We present genuine leather as nature intended. It will fold, bend and mature gracefully. Full grain leather will develop wrinkles and darken over a period of time. And it will never peel or fall part. 

Lets not fool ourselves. Man cannot make leather- animals do. Man only perfect it by using it!

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