№ 203 HARNEZ Camera Wrist Strap



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Crafted with full-grain leather and all brass hardware, HARNEZ Straps exudes the classic character of leather. Every HARNEZ Strap is designed and handcrafted to develop the character and elegance with everyday use. HARNEZ Camera Straps will add a unique sophistication and functionality to your cameras.

    • Elegant and functional leather wrist strap for cameras
    • Crafted with full-grain vegetable tanned leather 
    • Assembled with brass rivets that resist corrosion
    • Strong and flexible multi-braid nylon lanyard-loop for attaching the camera
    • No metal rings or clips that could damage the camera's finish
    • Designed with optimal lanyard length for greater ease of camera handling
    • Individually pull tested to a load of 10lbs 
    • Rounded, smooth leather edges and corners with inner and edge finishing
    • No glue or adhesives used in crafting
    • Designed and handcrafted in Texas, USA 


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