EEVES' LeatherCare

Caring for Full-grain Leather
Enhancing character and durability
Full-grain leather has a similar structure as human skin and can benefit from similar conditioning to keep it soft, supple and beautiful.

Leather needs suitable conditioning to enhance the natural patina of leather. Proper moisture in the fiber structure is also necessary to improving the vitality and durability. The key here is the multi-level conditioning with natural moisturizers, that can work well with dual-layer structure of leather.

The thing finger grain layers need a thicker consistency conditioning, such as wax or balm to provide the necessary moisture, yet preventing the grains from getting saturated with oils.

The corium layer needs a deeper yet lighter moisturizing. The relatively looser fiber structure absorbs oils more readily than grain layer and needs a lighter consistency oil that would penetrate deep.
EEVES' LeatherCare
Natural Conditioning for Natural Leather
EEVES' was developed out of a necessity. We found that the commercially available leather care products did not do justice to full-grain leather. So we set out to create our own line of leather care formulations specially suited for our all natural leather.

EEVES' Leathercare is formulated with all-natural ingredients. There is no mineral oil, petroleum products or harsh chemicals in EEVEs' Leathercare products.

The base mix of EEVEs' Leathercare contains ingredients such as bees wax, carnauba wax, shea butter and lanolin. To enhance the scent of leather, we add a combination of natural essential oils. Scents from lavender, lemon grass, thyme, cedar, vetiver and patchouli are finely balanced to enhance the natural scent of leather.

The exact proportions of these ingredients vary between Wax, Balm and Oil formulations. All EEVES' products are made in small batches to maintain quality and consistency.