The Greater Good Principle

Help make the world a better place

Castello DaVarg's commitment  goes beyond leather articles.  As we deliver elegance, character and durability in leather, we are also committed to sustainable materials and crafting methods, empowering our people  and creating sustaining value in the communities we operate. 

In addition,  we participate in the Paying Back and Giving Forward programs that make their impact outside Castello DaVarg.  A part of every sale is pledged to two organizations who do their part in creating 'Greater Good'.  Along with our customers, we are doing our small part in making the world a better place. 

Giving Back & Paying Forward 

4% of revenue from every sale, to the Giving Back, Paying Forward mission.  This pledge equally divided between Feeding America and The School Fund programs.

Castello DaVarg supports two organizations through the Giving Back, Paying Forward program. While these two organizations vary on their impact and reach, we chose them due the alignment of their causes with our values and beliefs of Giving Back and Paying Forward. 'Giving Back' is our way to give back to our communities that are in greater need- whether it is food shelter or temporary help in getting back up again. 'Paying Forward' is to support next generations, supporting programs such as education and vocational training. 

Feeding America 

Feeding America supports a nationwide network of food banks and delivers programs at the front line of hunger. They support initiatives for school-based food pantries, emergency disaster relief, and Kids’ Cafe. Surprisingly, hunger and food insecurity in the USA is much more prevalent that we tend to believe, so please learn more about in the Feeding America website and support them directly. 

The School Fund

The School Fund to tackle the global education crisis. They provide scholarships to high potential students in the developing world. 100% of the contributions go direct to students. Education we could not only uplifts individual students, but also the families and community. Education as the great equalizer,  can well being that can transcend generations and can transform communities.