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PAGE STUDIO About Castello DaVarg, Texas | Full grain leather, Handmade, Made in USA

Real leather. Handstitched.    Made in USA.



Real leather.     Handstitched.    Made in USA.


Fullgrain Leather


The elegance and character of DaVarg leather is evident  in these pictures. The grains are visible and there is no synthetic coating over the grain. The 3 dimensional effect and the depth of the embossed DaVarg Helmet logo shows the unique quality of our leather.

This is because DaVarg leather is developed from vegetable tanned, full-grain leather from selected cowhides. The top grain is preserved - including the natural marks and imperfections on the animal hide. It is not buffed, coated or embossed with artificial grain patterns. Every grain and every mark made on DaVarg Leather further adds to the unique look, feel and durability of real leather.  

The full-grain surface along with strong and fibrous corium support layer, ensures that this leather is durable and will develop a rich multi-tone patina as it ages. These qualities are enhanced even more as the leather matures gracefully with everyday use.


Handmade Saddle-stitching 

Hand stitching detail on vegetable tanned full grain leather.

Once you observe closely the stitching on any DaVarg article and you shall see it is in perfect alignment and at a fixed offset to the leather edge. Even on rounded corners the handmade stitching follows the edges with precision - the thread pitch is constant and the every stitch has a slight lean. The contrasting color of the red-line stitching compliments the elegance of Full-grain Leather. 

The secret to the beauty and consistency of our stitching lies in the unique hand stitching pattern we developed from western saddle making.  Unlike weak machine-made lock-stitches with thinner threads that unravel easily, the saddle-stitches are strong and durable and compliment the durability and longevity of Full-grain Leather.

At Castello DaVarg, we do not use sewing machines to join leather. There are no glues, paddings or linings used either. It is all real full grain leather with hand stitching. 


Saddle stitching with two needles and one thread.

Hand-stitching using two needles and one thread. Long before sewing machines, such saddle stitching has been used for joining thick leather in horse saddles.  The saddle stitching takes time creating one stitch at a time- but it is worth it.  The stitching involves crisscrossing two needles with one thread - one hole at a time, tensioning each stitch, creating strong interlocking stitches. 

Superior stitching strength and quality of Saddle stitching.

Saddle stitching creates  the most consistent duarable stitches. Since the threads crisscross, a thread-break in one of the saddle-stitches will not unravel the entire stitch length. 


Timeless Character of Leather 

Why do we cherish Full-grain Leather, and what causes its allure? 

While our affection to genuine leather may not be easily explainable, there are many properties of leather that commands our adoration.  Full-grain Leather is durable, has high strength-to-weight ratio, and is smooth, supple and pliable. It does not shed, peel or tear easily.

Full-grain Leather matures gracefully, aging with everyday use while developing the unique character that reflects that of its user. The wear and pull up marks, muti-tone patina further adds to the character.   It has the unique smell, touch and feel that is unmatched by any manmade material. 

These qualities along with the complexity and rarity of premium Veg-Tan Full-grain Leather only adds to its allure and character.

Aged vegetable tanned leather belt

An 23 old leather belt still used by the designer at Castello DaVarg. Note the growth marks at buckle holes and the rich patina developed by decades of use.


5 Shades of DaVarg Leather

While we minimize coatings or treatments on leather grain, we do tint the leather in five select shades. This tinting is achieved with dyes that penetrate deep into grain and corium layers but leaves the top grain uncoated. 

The penetration of tint into grain is optimized, so that it does not wear off easily with usage- yet enhances the pull up effect that is characteristic of Full-grain Leather. The corium side of leather is also treated with dark tinted stabilizer. This proprietary treatment ensures that the loosely woven corium fiber does not come loose as the leather matures with use.

If would  like to experince the quality of Davarg leather you can order a free KETAG from the online store. 

Five DaVarg shades



Durable Materials

Brass and high strength thread

The diligence we put into our Leather also extends to the selection of other materials.

So we limited the materials to only a few that compliment the durability of Full-grain Leather. The three primary materials used are - waxed high strength thread, solid brass hardware, and full-grain leather.  

The solid brass used in the double cap rivets and, rings and clips is chosen for its unique properties. It is strong and durable, does not corrode yet will develop a unique patina as it ages with the leather.  

Such a short set of material selection enables us to focus on the quality and consistency as we create articles that provide utility and durability. 


Designed & Made in USA

Made in USA by Castello DaVarg

We are commited to design and craft the articles in the United States.

The full grain leather for our articles is sourced from select tanneries in USA. We develop our articles in our design offices in McKinney, Texas and craft them in Dallas, Texas.Maintaining the design, crafting operations, and our supply sources within the USA is essential to ensuring the quality and consistency you would expect from Castello DaVarg.

Our pride  is evident in our quality seal that marks every with "crafted in USA".