DaVarg Leather Company • Texas, USA
Leather made for a lifetime

Full-grain veg-tan cowhide
Unmatched Elegance, Character and Durability
Handmade saddle stitching
Every stitch on DaVarg article is handmade
Not a trading company
DaVarg is not another trading company or a reseller.

Every article we sell are designed and made by us. In a world full of machine-made synthetic materials, DaVarg combines natural leather with traditional saddle stitching to make articles that last a lifetime.
The love is in the details
Form meets function in every design detail
Made in Texas. USA

We are proud to be a Texas company.
We design, make and ship from north Dallas, Texas.

We believe that the part of Texas is there in every DaVarg article.
We know our leather
Full-grain leather is a complex natural material. The character and durability of leather is due to this dual grain-corium structure.
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The Spartan Helmet
A logo that defines character & elegance
Made with just 11 strokes, the logo represents our brand and is embossed on every article. We chose a simple line-stroke logo to match the elegance of leather.

On the right is the 9 year old leather tag with hand-carved logo by Castello DaVarg. The logo was turned to left, but the design remained the same.

A Lifetime Guarantee
We want you to purchase Davarg articles with the same confidence we design and make them for you.
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5 Shades. Not in black
To add further character to leather, we tint the grain side with deeply penetrating dyes. These dyes penetrate the grain fibers and the corium layer, yet leave the top grain surface uncoated to enhance the patina of leather as it matures.
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Leather care for full-grain leather
All natural care for all natural leather
EEVEs' Leathercare products are developed with natural ingredients such as bees wax, carnauba wax, shea butter, lanolin. To enhance the scent of leather, we add a combination of natural essential oils. Scents from lavender, lemon grass, thyme, cedar, vetiver and patchouli are finely balanced to enhance the natural scent of leather.
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