The DaVarg Experience

Matures gracefully. Lasts a lifetime

Elegance. Character. Durability

Experience the DaVarg difference

Full-grain Leather


Vegetable tanned

Develops character with age

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Design & Function

Distinct designs 

Designed to perform

Form enhances function

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Hand Crafting

Saddle stitched

Made in the USA

Made to last a lifetime  

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It is our state of mind.

At Castello DaVarg,  we design and craft these leather articles for ourselves - and you make them yours. That is why they are designed to function is mind and made to last a lifetime. 

We want you to cherish every Davarg article for rest of your life. Every time you see and touch a DaVarg article, we also want you to remember us as a company that 'do-good'. This do-good principle goes beyond just our products and services, it is our way of life at Castello DaVarg.

So, if  we ever fall short of your expectations about , just let us know and we will make it right. That is our promise and commitment.

Creating the DaVarg Experience 

Designed to function. Crafted to last a lifetime

  • Design & Function
  • Leather
  • Veg Tan
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Back Coating
  • Hand Crafting
  • Edge Finishing
  • Hardware

At Castello DaVarg, there is no room for design superficiality. 

Every feature and every design element must fit in seamlessly. The design forms are precise to the fraction of a millimeter and bonded together with saddle stitching or rivets. There is no filling or lining to bulk up leather.   The stitch line is set at an exact distance with care given to when each hole will fall.For, instance, there are exactly two stitches on the angled corners of every DaVarg article.

With full-grain leather lasting a lifetime,  the designs further enhance the durability of leather.    ▸▸

Vegetable-tanned,  full-grain leather has unique touch, feel and scent. Every mark and grain on them is original, just as nature intended.

Castello Davarg chose such full grain from select tanneries,  and transforms them with specific shades and a proprietary back coating.  This leather is scare and expensive, but once you get to know DaVarg full grain leather;  you will agree, there is no match. 

Give it some attention, and this leather is going to mature, develop character and fit your personality. 

Vegetable tanning process has been perfected over the human history to transform raw hide into durable, elegant leather. It is the most classical, traditional, recognizable, and the only method able to give leather its unique characteristics. 

While chrome and aniline tanned leather is used in mass market and less expensive leather, veg-tan leather is chosen by the discerning few. Today vegetable tanning has become a specialized art, undertaken only by a few select tanneries.  Castello DaVarg has commissioned few tanneries who specialize in vegetable tanning  provide the leather to our exacting standards. 

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Looking at the stitch line it would be tough to tell they are made by hand using techniques perfected from saddle stitching- and  without sewing machines.

Every stitch you see on DaVarg leather is made by hand; with two needles at the ends of a single thread. The thread ends are pulled with equal tension to create uniform stitch lengths. These criss-crossing saddle stitches create an unbreakable bond between leather-  all the while enhancing its elegance and character.

Hand made saddle-stitching can takes hours to stitch what can be stitched in few minutes by a sewing machine. However, DaVarg we are not about making articles fast- we rather take our time and make them right.  

Full grain leather often has a hairy side, literally. The leather corium fibers on back side are often unsightly and can come loose. They also attract dust and get stained. The common solution is to  cover this side with linings. 

At DaVarg, we developed an elegant solution to solve this. The difference between untreated corium side and the back side of DaVarg leather is clearly evident. 

At Castello DaVarg, we developed a proprietary back coating to bond the leather fingers and giving a smooth dark surface. This bonding compound is formulated for full grain leather allowing leather to remain flexible and breathe. 

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The hand crafted perfection you see with Castello DaVarg is not easily achieved. It starts with a steadfast conviction that nothing can match the elegance, character and durability of saddled stitched-hand crafted leather.

Hence our artisans became highly skilled in saddle stitching and hand finishing. Since we don't use sewing machines each article takes few hours to days to be crafted and finished. 

In an age of mass produced plastics Castello DaVarg continues to make leather articles the old fashioned way, hand stitched, hand finished using techniques that were used centuries ago - one piece at a time by skilled artisans in Texas.

At Davarg leather edge finishing is more thant edge coating. It starts with careful deisgn elements with no sharp corners or deep convex curves. The precision edges are then carefully cleaned off loose corium fibers and then rounded with a burinihsing tool. Only after this the leathere is cleaded and coated with a luxiours graphic look edge coat. This process takes time- but guarnatees a leather edge that is not only uniue in look and feel.

More than look and feel edge finishing serves a very important purpose. A well prepared edge seals the cut edges of leather and binds the corium fibers from come loose with everyday use.  Our multistep edge finishing process ensures that the leather edge will continue to look well finished even after years of everyday use. 

There is a profound reason that hardware is used minmally used in our leather. Matching the elegance and character of full-grain leather with hardware is no easy task. 

Using exacting designs elements and hand-stitching we are able to reduce the use of hardware. When we have to use them, we chose them with great care and consideration.The rivets, loops and buckles are made with naval grade brass to eliminate corrosion and to match the natural patina of leather. Brass does not corrode and age along with the leather. 

One thing you will not see in a davarg article is plastic hardware. The DaVarg logo on select hardware is a testament to the attention to detail and our commitment to create articles that lasts a lifetime.  

Personality of a Logo

Our logo has not changed much since we developed it to embody the character and personality of full grain leather. 

Shown on right is the first logo sketched on a hand made key tag. The right facing logo was scored by a blunt pencil. We perfected this initial sketch to to an elegant trade mark that adorns every DaVarg article.  The disconnected stroke logo is suited specifically for making deep impressions in full grain leather. 

Look closely, and it would be easy to discern the personality of the warrior in that helmet.  

We make it special. You make it unique

  • Spartan Logo
  • Makers Mark 
  • Pedigree Record
  • Personalization

DaVarg logo goes beyond a just a trademark,  it is a symbol of our passion and commitment.  Designed for deep embossing on leather with just 11 strokes, it adorns every DaVarg article with a unique three dimensional mark. 

Branding with the logo is a an intricate manual process. The leather is carefully aligned to with the logo facing left. With the pressure and temperature of the brass die is carefully controlled the grain side is impressed with the logo about 1mm deep. 

Getting branded by this logo is a 'rite of passage' for the meticulously designed and carefully crafted DaVarg article. 

makers mark inside every DaVarg. Is is often not visible from outside, but it is there to to show our commintent to providing full grain leather, crafted in USA. 

Markers mark have been used in traditional saddlery to show which saddle house made the unit. It is often deep embossed on on the grain surface of leather. 

If we we need a quick reminder of who we are and what we do, all we need to do is to look at our makers mark - Castell Davarg. full-grain leather. made in USA.

Hidden inside the DaVarg article is a 6 character identifier. They may not make much sense, but it helps us keep track of the article's pedigree, as it moved from leather to cutting to stitching and finishing. 

We create every DaV         arg article is distinct and unique. Thats why they are assigned a unique register number. This number is assigned the from the very beginning of crafting process enabling us to trace the date of crafting, the hide lot from which the leather came from and, the artisans who created it.This is also serves as a unique identifier, in the event we have to servuce or address any qiulity concerns at a later stage. Just as the makers mark, The registration number is marked inside the unit and often is not visible from outside.Next time you you take your DaVarg article look insidew. you might see its unique idetifier hidden in thereNote: not all articles are stamped with the register number due to size limmititations. ` 

Just like every other aspect in a DaVarg Leather, we went out our own way to develop personalization options in a DaVarg. 

The first step was developing a sans serif font derived after the 'Old Standard' typefaces used in the late 19th and early 20th century.  We chose this font its crisp definitions as well as for its ability to de-boss deep into full grain; while   maintaining distinctiveness of each character.  The two 'chevrons' on either side of the monogram was also specifically developed for DaVarg. The end result is the imprinting with a typeface and style that blends with the design and character of the DaVarg article. 

Personalizing your DaVarg is now as easy as specifying 7 characters.  Specify it while ordering and we will take care of the rest. 

Full-grain Leather

The Elements of Elegance


  The untouched grain layer is in full-grain has a unique elegance and character. Look closely, and we can see full grain resembles our on skin. Since vegetable tanning preserves this layer, even with every day wear and use, the grain only further matures and develop further character.


Pull effect is unique to full grain leather often seen as natural various to the leather shades. This multi-tone patina gets pronounced as the grain is stretched when leather is bent or pulled and Leather develops a muti-tone patina. This patina with the translucence is what makes  leather one of the most beautiful natural materials. 


The natural sheen inherent in full grain leather is in unseen in other materials.  Even though full grain is uncoated, the sheen gradually develops with the right conditioning. Together with the grain, pull-up and the sheen makes our full-grain leather into an elegant  living material with use and care.

5 Shades.  One Leather


 To enhance the three characteristics of full grain leather-  the grain, the sheen and the pull up effect- we spend quite some time developing the shades that further customizes DaVarg leather.

These shades are imparted with deep penetrating dyes  so that they go deep  into the grain and corium interface in leather. Unlike other synthetic coatings, these dyes do not cover over the individual leather grains, rather they  give them a deep multi-tone patina that enhances elegance and character. 

Notice how the shades enhances the natural pull-up and sheen while maintaining the character of grain.  Along with our contrasting red-line hand stitching these leathers come to life.    »

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Designed & Crafted in

Unites Sates of America


"We're able to test our way from a 5% conversion rate, all the way up to 20$. Without driving more traffic. Our client is getting four times the leads that he was getting before."

- Ivan Hubbard

"We're able to test our way from a 5% conversion rate, all the way up to 20$. Without driving more traffic. Our client is getting four times the leads that he was getting before."

- Ivan Hubbard

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