DaVarg Shades 

Enhancing Full-Grain Leather

5 Custom Leather Shades

Enhancing Leather

The Shading Process

DaVarg leather comes in five distinct shades. The shades are chosen to retain the natural character of grain, yet enhance the pull-up and sheen. 

To develop the hard wearing shades, DaVarg leather undergoes a multistep dyeing process. Vegetable tanned leather has pale grain layer that attracts oils and stains. To counter this, specially formulated dyes are used penetrate to grain and corium layers to impart the shades. It is this deep dyeing process sets DaVarg shades apart from leathers that are only coated with thin pigment layers. We use penetrating dyes go deep into the leather's grain and corium interface. Unlike other synthetic coatings on artificial leather, these dyes do not cover the individual leather grains, rather give them a deep multi-tone patina that enhances the elegance and character, especially as leather matures.

Bonded inner layer

In most leathers, the corium or back-side of leather is often left unfinished, causing the corium fibers to fray out and attract moisture and dirt. Frayed corium fibers not only are unsightly, but also reduces the durability of leather as they come loose with daily wear.

To overcome this, the inner side of DaVarg leather is treated with a special coating to bond the corium fibers to a smooth even texture. The bonded corium makes the leather stronger and gives it a finished look. With this back coating there is no need for linings and paddings, making the designs more durable and slimmer.

Edge finishing

DaVarg edge finishing does more than just coat leather edges. The exposed leather fibers on cut edges are protected with a penetrating edge-coat to maintain the integrity of leather edge.To develop strong and durable edges, the edges are designed precisely without sharp corners or deep convex curves. 

After cutting, they are dressed to remove loose corium fibers and then rounded with a burnishing tool. The smooth leather edge is then coated with a matte edge coat. This process does take time- but creates leather edges that compliments the elegance of full-grain leather. 

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Full Grain Leather. Handcrafted. Made in USA.

Preserving the Character of Grain

Non Black Leather

Leather with deep black pigments hides the grain and tends to lose the natural character. Often, it is an indication of substandard leather. Not only does such dark, opaque coatings hide the imperfections in leather, but they are also used often to disguise substandard leather or to mimic full-grain leather with artificial grain embossings. That is why KAPPI is our darkest shade.


Uniqueness. Guaranteed

Every DaVarg article is inherently unique due to since no two pieces of leather would have the exact shade variations.This is because natural leather vary vastly from hide to hide and from cut to cut. The shades along with pull-up and sheen also will undergo changes as the leather matures. Hence, we can guarantee that every DaVarg article would be one of a kind.

Character in Contrast

Red-Line Stitching

The care we give to leather shades also goes to the contrasting stitching. Every Davarg article is stitched with the contrasting Red-Line stitching with the flame red thread. We chose this color to compliment all 5 shades of Davarg Leather. 

Crafted by hand, one stitch at a time, the contrasting Red-Line stitching  creates an elegant signature on every DaVarg article.