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The DaVarg Experience 

Elegance, Character & Durability

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Full Grain Leather. Handcrafted. Made in USA.

Full Grain Leather

Experience the elegance, character and durability of full grain leather as it matures gracefully. 

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Functional Deisgn

Every cut, every curve and every stitch is in DaVarg articles are designed with precision for function. 

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Handmade in USA

Every DaVarg article is designed and handcrafted in the USA with saddle stitching and finishing.

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Creating the DaVarg Experience

From the highest grade vegetable tanned full-grain to hand made saddle stitches, from deep embossed logo to graphite finish edges, a lot of attention goes into every detail to create the DaVarg experience. 

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Handcrafting leather is neither easy nor inexpensive. But the character and elegance it creates is cherished long after the effort and cost is forgotten.



graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style.



being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way.



ability withstand wear, pressure, or damage over time.

Handcrafting with Leather

Crafted with Time

Handcrafting leather takes time; in fact, it could take several days. Every stitch is hand made with two needles and single thread.  Every edge is coated and finished by hand. The logo, makers mark and the register number are all applied manually, one article at a time. Once finished, they are aged for several days by applying the EEVE's conditioning balm.

Durability of Leather

Cherish it a Lifetime

Natural full grain leather under proper care would survive decades, if not centuries. This durability is due to the interwoven grain-corium layer structure and ability to manage the level of moisture to stay supple. DaVarg uses this unique structure to the full advantage. The grain enhances the character and elegance while the corium provides the durable support. 

The DaVarg Guarantee 

Commitment. A DaVarg state of mind.

Castello DaVarg & Company creates leather that develop a lifetime bond with you and we want you to cherish them as they mature gracefully in your care and wear. 

Should we ever fall short of your expectations, just let us know and we will make it right. That is our promise and commitment that accompanies  every DaVarg Article.

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

There are no easy roads to great character. It take takes time, practice, patience and an uncompromising conviction.

No Calf Skin Leather

Let Calves be Calves

Castello DaVarg would never use calf skin leather in our articles- no matter how soft and supple they could be. This principle of using only mature full-grain hide  stems from the fact that mature leather has more character and durability than calf lather.

Scent of Leather

The Allure of Aroma

Natural veg-tan leather has a characteristic spicy, woody aroma. This aroma is a blend of scent of tree tannins used in the tanning and the scent of hide fibers. This rich warm aroma further adds to the character and elegance of leather.

Leather to Cherish a Lifetime

A Lifetime Bond with DaVarg

From the moment you see and sense the scent of full grain leather and experience the handcrafted perfection, you will start developing a lifetime relationship with your DaVarg article. 

Every mark and every fold you make on it further adds to its uniqueness and personality, as it becomes your constant companion. This is why DaVarg does not make any compromises that can come in between that special bond. 

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Get the best leather you can afford. Life is too short for cheap leather.

DaVarg Emblem

The Spartan Way

A spartan warrior embodies the minimalistic with a less is better principle. Created with 11 stokes, the emblem is deep embossed into leather grains at a precise temperature and pressure to develop a three dimensional effect.

Perfect Handmade Stitches

Red-Line Stitching

The handmade stitches in DaVarg is made with a red-line, high tensile strength thread.  These perfectly aligned stitches with subtle contrast sets apart DaVarg's saddle stitching from those machine-made stitches with thinner threads.  

Leather that matures with you

Mature Gracefully, My Friend.

Natural leather has the unique feature of maturing with everyday wear. The grain patterns develop with folds and creases along with the sheen and pull-up on well used areas. The edges will round out and its natural character takes on the personality of its owner, creating an everlasting bond. With the special hand made stitching and finishing DaVarg leather is going to mature along with you. 

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Everything ages. Few mature gracefully.

Enhancing Elegance, Character & Durability

Distinct. Created just for you.

From the highest grade full-grain vegetable tanned leather to saddle stitches, and from deep embossed logo to graphite finish edges, a lot of attention goes to every detail to create the DaVarg experience. 

Enhancing and preserving Leather

5 Custom leather shades

DaVarg leather comes in five distinct shades. The shades are chosen to retain the natural character of grain, yet enhance the pull-up and sheen.The shades are imparted with penetrating dyes that go deep into the leather's grain and corium interface. Unlike other synthetic coatings on artificial leather, these dyes do not cover the individual leather grains, rather they give them a deep multi-tone patina that enhances the elegance and character.

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Be different and distinct. After all, there is only one you.