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DaVarg Journal

DaVarg Journal

Scent of leather

Nov 2019

Authentic Leather has a distinct scent. A scent that gets enhanced as it ages well with use. 

Every DaVarg article has genuine leather scent that is preserved through the vegetable tanning and crafting process. A whiff of DaVarg leather 'aroma' alone can proclaim its authenticity to those who know leather. However at Castello DaVarg we have gone one step further. We formulated the EEVEs' leather balm to further enhance this unique leather aroma. 

EEVEs' is formulated with essential oils from herbs and botanicals (Lavender, White Thyme,Patchouli, etc.) to augment the leather aroma. The exact combination is proprietary, but we balanced out the complex mix of scents from leather, lanolin and mink oil with the herbal tones to create a unique DaVarg leather scent.

Myth of manmade leather

Nov 2019

Lets get one thing clear. Man cannot make natural leather. But we often see leather good marked made with "man made leather".

Authentic full-Grain leather with an intact corium layer does not need any lining, and linings take away from the elegance and character of full-grain leather. Manmade 'leather' look good when new, but can fall apart quickly. Those who have used lined belts can attest to this. The lining will look good as new but it is a matter of few days before the lining separates from the outer layer, even with edge stitching. If you ever come across leather that is peeling or shredding, chances are that it is bonded or one of those 'man made leather'. At Castello DaVarg, our mission is to bring back the leather that we have known from the past - hard wearing and durable, and maturing nicely as they get used over the years. Those who have touched and felt DaVarg leather can vouch for this. We do not add any lining nor we need to. We present full-grain leather as nature intended. Full grain leather will develop wrinkles and darken over a period of time. And it will never peel or fall part but will fold and bend, while maturing gracefully

From Texas, to the world

Nov 2019

DaVarg articles have been shipped to more than 36 countries from USA.

We enjoy seeing customers placing repeat orders. But it is even more rewarding to see that we are exporting around the world. This global appreciation of DaVarg articles further validates the care and attention we give to leather and handcrafting.We have successfully shipped to several countries but customs procedures, import duty rates and delivery times are beyond the control of Castello DaVarg and varies by country and region. Feel free to contact us before placing the order and we will be glad to assist you in choosing a shipping solution.

Rarity of full-grain leather

Nov 2019

Why is real leather expensive and hard to find.

Full-grain leather is in extreme short supply, especially due to changing consumer preferences and demand from developing economies around the world. Cowhide, as the primary raw-material for full grain leather is a by-product of meat industry. Each cowhide can yield about 40-80 square feet of high quality full grain hide. Of this area, only about 50% can yield premium full grain leather maybe devoid of flaws, that can be used for luxury articles. As a result one cowhide can only yield effectively 10-15 square feet of premium full grain hide making it a rare material, with the cost unsustainable for markets. This dearth of supply of real leather drives the demand for artificial or man made leather. Thus coated or pigmented leather, split leather or suede leather often fill the demand as substitutes for natural full grain leather.Added to this rare supply, is the time consuming and labor intensive aspect of converting full grain hide from raw cowhide. Vegetable tanning process takes as much as 45 days and most of the handling is still undertaken manually. The finishing, sorting, grading of vegetable tanned leather is done one piece at a time, adding to the cost and complexity.


Nov 2019

Ember Leather shade. Not for everyone. 

Ember is very close to burgundy color, and the name is derived after the coveted red amber (shown above). The ratio of brown and red in this shade is carefully balanced.The brown tint will enhance the natural marks of the full-grain leather, while the red balances the overall appearance. The saddle stitched thread is one shade lighter than Ember shade, providing just enough contrast.This combination of red, brown and contrasting stitching yields a perfect shade for articles that will develop a two tone patina over usage. With deep shade penetration into the grain, minor scratches or scuffs does not show up easily in this shade. This further makes Ember even more suitable for hardwearing personal articles for daily use.