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EEVEs' Leather Balm

    DaVarg leather is processed from the hide of fully-matured animals. This matured hide has the optimum grain thickness in conjunction with interwoven corium layers. Such a grain to corium thickness ratio is the reason behind the durability of DaVarg leather. Animal hide is evolved to survive the harsh elements and weather patterns. Since our processes do not alter the underlying structure of the hide, the leather we perfect enhances the natural hardwearing and resilience of the leather. DaVarg leather is akin to human skin in many ways. It is designed to absorb and retain oils through its open structure. Properly conditioned leather will have the natural oils in the top grain to repel moisture. 

    Since the layers of top grain and corium are not coated with impermeable layers, the natural elements that come in contact and interact with the leather will develop a unique patina and mature pattern and the shades will change. Allowing the leather to properly absorb oils and moisture is essential in this maturing process. This maturing enhances the pull-up effect, and the texture and folds of the leather becomes more pronounced as it is used. Since DaVarg leather is one integrated layer, there is nothing to peel off or detach as leather ages. This property of DaVarg leather is what makes its character develop over a period of time. Just as our own skin needs some care and protection, DaVarg Leather also requires some minimal care to maintain its beauty and durability. The simple caring steps  also ensure that the DaVarg leather will retain it beauty and character almost indefinitely. 

EEVEs' Leather Balm Application
 Step 1. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt of grime from the leather. Avoid using harsh chemicals and detergents. Alcohol or petroleum based cleaning products should not be used to clean the genuine leather. These can strip away the moisture and natural oils in the leather causing discolorations, and even cause damage to the top grain layer. 

 Step 2.   Once cleaned with the damp cloth, let the leather dry naturally. Any excess moisture can be wiped away with a clean dry cloth. It is OK to let leather absorb some excess moisture. The clean dry leather is now ready for replenishment with natural oils. Just as human skin, DaVarg leather needs moisture and natural oils to maintain its resilience and suppleness. 

 Step 3.   Apply EEVEs’ Leather Balm, or a leather conditioner formulated specifically for genuine full grain leather, evenly on the leather surfaces. Ensure that the Leather Balm reaches over the folds and the stitches. Once applied evenly the leather can rest at room temperature. You will notice that the grain and corium layers absorb the balm fully in. 

Ensure to use the Leather Balm as a thin layer that the leather can absorb. But do not dip or drench the leather with leather balm. While this does not harm the leather, the balm can be soaked into the leather with a chance of it getting transferred to other surfaces. Since EEVEs’ Leather Balm can darken some natural leather it is advised to test the application in a small inconspicuous area prior to full application. Natural genuine leather will darken with use- its normal. 

Step 4.   Once the Leather Balm is fully absorbed, the article is ready for use. The application can be repeated until the leather achieves the desired touch and feel. 

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