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Leather Shades

Timeless character

Full-grain Vegetable Tanned Leather

Timeless character


leather skin

The top epidermal layer in full-grain leather retains the natural character of hide. Vegetable tanning preserves this layer, and the grain continues to mature and develop further character with age. 


grain translucency

The leather grain has a natural shine that reflects light. Leather sheen improves as grain layer gets polished. Opaque synthetic coated leather lacks the life that is brought out by sheen.


shade variations

Patina is the natural shade variations as grain layer is stretched and absorbs moisture and oils. Patina develops with age, giving the leather a well-worn vintage appearance.    

Five Distinct Shades

Enhancing character of full-grain leather

DaVarg leather comes in five distinct shades, created with a multistep tinting process with dyes that penetrate deep into to grain and corium layers. Unlike other synthetic coatings on artificial leather, these dyes do not cover the individual leather grains, but rather give them a deep multi-tone patina that enhances the elegance and character of leather.

Maturing Gracefully

Authentic leather gets better with age

As leather ages the shades also undergo a transformation. The patina and pull-up of leather gets enhanced giving leather its characteristic vintage look. This ability to develop this multi-tone patina as it matures is the true mark of authentic full-grain leather, since  substandard leather with synthetic coating cannot develop such character.

Red-line Stitching

Contrasting saddle stitches

DaVarg articles have a unique red-line stitching. We chose this thread color to compliment all 5 shades of Davarg Leather. Crafted by hand, one stitch at a time, the contrasting red-line stitching adds to the unique elegance of every DaVarg article.

Every grain will tell your story

Few natural materials could record our journeys and tell our stories like leather. With its natural grain that retains the top epidermal grain along with natural marks and scars full-grain leather is as natural as it can get. 

To ensure the leather matures gracefully, the grain layer is left untouched so that leather can develop its own grain pattens with use. We do not correct or buff the grain nor emboss artificial patterns over it. We take great care to ensure that you are getting the leather as authentic as nature intended. 

Creating DaVarg Leather

Vegetable-tanned full-grain leather starts as a blank canvas and need to be prepared further. To create the 5 shades, we tint grain side of leather with penetrating dyes. Unlike synthetic coatings that cover the grain, our dyes goes deep into the grain while retaining the character of leather. These tinting also enhance the sheen and patina, and ensures the leather will mature gracefully as it ages.

In most natural leathers, the corium layer is left unfinished causing it to attract moisture, get stained, or to have its fibers come loose and can degrade the durability of leather. To overcome this, DaVarg developed a proprietary process that can bind the corium layers and give leather a smooth clean finish. The custom DaVarg shades along with back coating ensures the full grain leather retains its elegance and character for a long time.

Back coated leather.

Special coating binds and protects corium fibers.

Leather Shades.

Five distinct shades.