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DaVarg Story

The DaVarg Story 

It began with a simple belt

We could make-up sensational stories that marked the beginning of DaVarg, but there are none.

The inspiration for Castello Davarg came from simple leather belt. One of our founders, had a leather belt made with original cowhide by one of the very famous San Fransisco based denim company. This belt was used for few decades, and as can be seen above, the grain, the pull-up and the wear marks this belt held up good with daily wear. When he wanted a new belt just like his trusted old belt, he was not satisfied with what was in the market. So he took upon himself to make a belt out of natural leather and started the quest to learn more about leather and traditional leather crafting techniques. 

What started as curiosity turned into a passion for leather and crafting techniques- with every detail on DaVarg Leather carefully considered and perfected over years. The 5 leather shades, hand-stitching, back coating and edge finishing were developed specifically and tested to ensure that they will last forever. Soon Castello DaVarg & Co was born with the assistance of few friends and family. Years later, we still continue to designs and make these articles in Texas, USA. 

DaVarg Principle:  Nº 1

Full-Grain Leather. Handcrafted. Designed and Made in USA

Full-Grain Leather

Handcrafted with Care

Designed and Made in USA

The Do-Good Principle

We want to be known as a company of good people. This drives our passion to go beyond just leather and hand crafting.

At Castello DaVarg & Co we follow this 'do-good' principle; one article and one customer at a time. Our commitment to premium leather, traditional crafting and the lifetime satisfaction guarantee shows that we are more than about creating leather articles. Along with everyone at DaVarg and our customers we are doing our part in making the work a better place. 

Preserving a Tradition

Made in Texas. Shipped to the world. 

Handcrafting leather in United States is commitment we take seriously. The skills and traditions of western saddlery that is evident in this commitment. From saddle stitching to edge finishing, every article carries these traditions and craftsmanship. It makes us proud to have  shipped DaVarg articles around the world to more than 32 countries. Not bad for what started as quest for a leather belt and grew into a passion for premium handcrafted leather.