Evan Varghese

McKinney High School 

Top 1%

Rank 7 out of 704

Graduating its first class in 1889, McKinney High School is the original of 3 public high schools in McKinney and serves diverse student population of approximately 2,700 students in grades 9-12. The building underwent a full renovation during the summer of 2013 updating the building facade, infrastructure, and technology.

McKinney Texas

Located just 30 miles north of downtown Dallas, McKinney is a picturesque city with a small town feel. However, McKinney has a population of nearly 132,000 and is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Voted  in 2014 as 'best place to live in USA'.  

External Courses

● Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Stanford University, 2017

● Introduction to Mathematical Thinking John Hopkins University, 2017

● Object Oriented Programming

UC San Diego=2017

● Introduction to Electronics

Georgia Tech-2018 (In Progress)

Lion Kings Team 4300

Part of build team. Advanced to regionals with our 'Beast'. The robot had traction tracks and two manipulators to tackle the First Stronghold Challenge in 2016.

Secretary, Computer Science Club

Secretary, Engineering Club

SAT Scores

General Test: 1600

800 Math, 800 English

Subject Test: 800 + 800

Math 2 : 800 

Physics : 800

Maker Project:  Smoke&Temp Master

A closed loop control system to control smoke temperature during smoking brisket. The consistent temperature eliminates the  need for Texas Crutch. 

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Summer Intern

Internship at Electronics Manufacturing Engineering Lab. Worked on Wireless test reporting. 

Product Support @ Castello DaVarg

Assisting in multiple aspects of day to day operations in this family hobby/business.

From online advertising to design and production assistance to packing and occasional mail run- this has been a great hands-on experience to learn how a small business runs.

Digital Divas 2018

Comp Sci Club at McKinney High hosted Digital Divas-2018 in Dallas. Most of the 200+ attendees of this statewide, all-girls workshop were new to computer science.


Learning with Multidisciplinary Systems

It is fun to make mechanics, sensors, electronics, algorithms and software work together. Shown here is my first learning platform -  now disassembled self-guided Jeep with ultra sonic sensor array and Arduino UNO. 


National Merit Scholarship 


TSA Competitions 

● National Champion (Alternate), TSA Coding Atlanta, GA, Jun 2018 

● National Semifinalist, TSA Software Design Atlanta, GA, Jun 2018 

●State Champion, TSA Software Development Fort Worth, TX, Apr 2018 

● State Champion, TEAMS Competition Richardson, TX, Apr 2018

AP National Scholar (Distinction)

AP Courses

●  AP Human Geography

● Biology

● World History

● Computer Science A

● Chemistry 

● Calculus AB

● Calculus BC

● Physics C

● English Language

● Government 

Maker Experience

Computer Aided Design 

 ● Autodesk Inventor 

 ● Autodesk Fusion

 ● Adobe Illustrator

Microcomputer & Microcontroller 

 ● Raspberry Pi – build, code, hats 

 ● Arduino - build, code, shields 

Machining & Assembly 

 ● Machining & Fabrication: 

     Milling, Cutting 

● Electronics Systems: 

     Assembly, Soldering 

Computer Aided Machining 

●Additive Manufacturing- 3D printing (PLA) 

● CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving  

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