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Perfection in Leather

The full grain on DaVarg is all natural- never embossed, buffed or polished.

Every mark and scar on this leather adds to its authenticity. With everyday use, such leather would develop more character and mature gracefully.
Perfection in Design
Every piece of leather, every stitch and every cut is designed to serve its function; not only when new, but also as the leather matures.
Perfection in Stitching
These handmade saddle-stitches are stronger and more precise than machine made stitches.
Each stitch is made with two needles with criss-crossing threads t to create everlasting bonds.
Articles that mature gracefully
Few materials can mature like full-grain leather. With everyday wear, the grain surface develops a unique patina with its luxurious character.
The Castello DaVarg Philosophy
We are driven by a simple philosophy - design and make leather articles that lasts a lifetime.

We know our leather, our designs and our crafting and stand behind every article we make. When you are getting Castello DaVarg article, you are buying from a Texas Company that designs, crafts and ships articles from Texas, USA. Unlike many online sellers, we are not a trading company that sources and resell items.

We are certain that you are going to cherish your DaVarg article. However, if you don't want to keep it for any reason, you still have 45-days to return it.