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"This case is of such high quality and as you continue to use it on your phone it will only get better. As the leather ages the colour, texture and look will also change creating a completely unique case that many will envy..." 

"...the case feels very good. It’s something that seems to go well with the metal-and-glass aesthetic of the iPhone and will likely outlast the device itself. ."  

"This case comes in a different shape than most cases. It is actually a wraparound cover which protects the front and the back side of your iPhone, as well as its right side. This means that it basically looks like a book, but which is opened from its right side. The reason for this is that it leaves mute and volume control buttons uncovered, so you can easily use them. Even though this might seem a bit strange while you’re reading about it, this works very well in practice and you’ll adjust to it in a day or two. It also leaves a camera cutout on its back, which is a nice addition."   


KANAM5 (Karmel): "The KANAM5 has stayed on my phone for the past week and probably will for a year. The case isn't for everyone but it does deliver on the promise of being a very simple leather cover. It's tasteful in design and feels wonderful in the hand. Best of all, this is a case that will only get better with time. That's really something to think about, I've had enough with co-molded garbage." 

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KANAM5 w is crafted from full grain leather and hand stitched to perfection. According to Davarg’s site, it is 122 stiches and every stich is handmade. The saddle stitches can be used as a guidance to attach the iPhone correctly to the adhesive backing.

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Gorgeous Leather iPhone Case Shows Backwards-Opening Design Is Better:  Then again, it’s thicker, it’s stitched around the edges to weather the constant pocketing and de-pocketing experienced by any iPhone. Oh, and it opens backwards...other advantages of this backward opening are access to the mute and volume switches, and the fact that the flap stays out of the way when you’re taking photos.

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How opening the case flap to right is better with access to all buttons and screen.

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KANAM5 (Karmel): "... a very beautiful product...it is not a bunch of stitched together 'crap'. Beautifully deisgned case, beautiful stitching on the outside. Feels good in the hand and smells good too... Genuine Leather case ...respect your iPhone, get something good for it."


KANAM5 (Tobac): "Gentlemen wear leather..Looks more elegant than..all the other plastics.  Highly recommended.."

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 Conversation starter: "Good case, great leather. It holds phone well. Easy to use. Looks better with stitches. Can make calls with front flap closed. Took a week to fully get used to the opening of phone from left to right. The flap prevents from texting while driving- I didnt like that but I think its safer." - Hai Tung

Awesome phone case: "I have been using this cover for a few months. This leather case may not be for everyone, but the more it ages, the better I like it. People notice it and ask about it, thinking my phone is in a high end designer wallet. This is made of real leather, the stitches are straight and clean; can't believe they are hand stitched. The edges and folds get relaxed with use. I have dropped the phone with the case and it seems to protect the iphone reasonably well. The front and back flaps also protect the touchscreen glass and back side." -TechnoMan

Simple and protective: "When I first got this case I was unsure if I was going to like it. After about 2 weeks I think its great! It folds around the iphone 5 so that the volume and silent keys are accessible - a lot of other cases fold in the other direction...the leather is top quality and it seems very durable. There is no problem with the phone staying stuck to the case. It feels very secure." -HS

Quality product: "Let me start off by saying the case is beautiful. Unfortunately, the case arrived and the adhesive backing was defective. I contacted the company's support via email and received a reply within the hour. They replaced the case with a three day turn around (and a pre-paid envelope to return the defective case.) The replacement case adhesive is just fine. The leather looks classy and the case is finely crafted (and made in the USA) - definitely for someone who appreciates fine genuine leather.
A beautiful product and amazing customer service."

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