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History of Leather
DaVarg Leather Shades


The Logo


Leather has been around for a long time. Its history can be considered to go hand in hand with human existence. Somewhere along the path of time we discovered the process of tanning animal skin to preserve and convert it into a durable, elegant material. In fact, not much has changed in the basic vegetable tanning process. Castello Davarg exclusively uses this vegetable tanned leather for crafting our articles.  

Such properly tanned leather is known to survive the test of time- lasting decades if not several centuries. (read more..) 

Shown above is the oldest known leather footwear  (Areni-1 shoe) that is about 5000 years old. 


While we minimize coatings or treatments on leather grain, we do customize leather to appeal to individual taste. We have chosen to tint the leather in few select shades. This tinting is achieved with dyes that penetrate deep into grain and corium layers yet leave the top grain uncoated. 

The tinting properties of that hide depend largely on the nature of that animal, and could vary based on genus, breed, and even the habitat of the animal. This ensures that no two pieces of hide and no two sections of the same hide will tinted alike. Thus, forced by nature, we cannot make two DaVarg articles the look exactly the same, even if we want to. (read more..) 

The spartan warrior head adorns every Castello DaVarg article.  This logo seems to depict an ancient spartan helmet, but looking carefully the warrior head can be seen along with the helmet.

The neck and jaw lines are clearly defined even though the delineation between the head and the hemet is less prominent. The logo is drawn freehand-style with 11 strokes .

On every article the logo is deep embossed into the grain surface of leather to create a three-dimensional symbol. It is the hallmark of genuine top grain leather and articles that are designed and crafted with care and quality.   


Timeless Character of Leather

Why do we cherish leather, and what causes its allure? Why does leather develop its character - especially as it matures in our care and use? 

While our affection to leather may not be easily explainable, the properties of leather that commands our adoration is very tangible. Genuine leather is durable, has high strength-to-weight ratio, and is smooth, supple and pliable. It does not shed, peel or tear easily. Genuine leather matures gracefully, maturing with its owner, developing the character that reflects that of its user. It has the unique smell, touch and feel that is unmatched by any manmade material.  

This complexity and rarity of premium grade genuine leather only adds to its allure and character. That is why DaVarg seeks out only premium grade full grain, veg tan  leather for its articles, from select US tanneries. Even now, we continue to be amazed by the luxurious touch, feel and character of this amazing material. We preserve every mark, every pore, and every grain to proclaim this authenticity. When we are creating articles with character, nothing less than authentic will do.  








EEVEs Leathercare


The DaVarg Seal


The care and diligence we put into our leather also extends to the selection of other materials. We work hard to maintain the elegance and character of DaVarg articles, so very few items go into our crafting process. Most DaVarg articles are crafted with just full grain leather, waxed high strength thread, and select solid brass hardware. That's it. 

As a natural material, full grain leather continues to develop its character while it breathes, absorbs, expands and contracts. To replenish, condition, and protect the delicate top grain and corium layers,  Castello DaVarg has developed EEVEs Leathercare Oil, Balm and Wax: exclusively for full grain leather.  (more..)  

Embossed inside every article is the DaVarg Quality seal- validating the authenticity of the leather and the country of its origin-USA.
Needless to say, only the articles that meet our rigorous standards would receive the quality seal. Adding this seal is the very last step in the crafting process that can take up to a few weeks.


Born in TEXAS. Made in USA.

Integral to our mission is our commitment to design and craft the articles in the United States. We develop our articles in our design offices in McKinney, Texas. Artisans adept in saddle making finish the articles in Dallas, Texas. The full grain, vegetable tanned leather for our articles is sourced from select US tanneries. Hardware such as brass rings and snaps are also made in USA. The thread is sourced from Eddington or American & Efrid. Even the custom black boxes are made in Boston, Massachusetts. Maintaining the design, crafting operations, and our supply sources within the USA are essential for ensuring the quality and consistency you would expect from Castello DaVarg.