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                                                                                    Crafted with single piece full grain genuine leather
                                                                                    Hand made saddle-stitching accent on edges
                                                                                    Wraparound design with extended edges
                                                                                    Distinctive design allows access to switches and connector ports
                                                                                    Precise openings for camera and front speaker
                                                                                    Case provides optimal protection to front screen and back cover
                                                                                    Phone is attached to the folder with the Metrix adhesive pad
                                                                                    Phone can be attached and reattached to the case multiple times
                                                                                    Available in select DaVarg shades

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  1. Clean the back face of the smartphone to remove any contamination, moisture or finger marks. 
  2. Remove the protective sheet over the adhesive pad inside of the case. Do not discard the protective sheet. 
  3. Lightly place the smartphone over the adhesive pad, and adjust until it is properly aligned around the edges. On cases with edge stitching, the stitches are designed in such a way that they align with the top, left and bottom of the phone. Apply light pressure to fully attach the smartphone to the folder. See below.
  4. The outside of the folder can now be conditioned with any good quality leather conditioner such as  EEVEs' Leather Balm. 
davarg iphone case attachment procedure

     As with any genuine leather article, the cover will need some ‘breaking down’ to form the folds, and settle down the edges and stitches. Feel free to bend  and fold the front flap, the way you like to use it. Applying EEVEs' leather balm during the breaking down period further enhances the character of the leather.  Since it is made of genuine leather, the more you use it, the better it will get.  

Metrix Adhesive Pad Design:

The unique folding design of the KANAM and ADOR phone covers is made possible with a proprietary Metrix adhesive pad. Choosing the adhesive pad over traditional clips, brackets and loops, ensures the phone has protection on both front and back, but the metal edges are showcased against the genuine leather.  There are no clips to break or get loose.  This also ensure that the phone is secure in the case, even in the event of an accidental drop. 

The adhesive pad is only 1mm (40mils) thick, and this ensures that the attachment mechanism does not add to the thickness, and we are able to maintain the thin sleek look of the iPhones.  This proprietary adhesive pad with its protective matrix masking ensures that the phone is held with optimal adhesion throughout the lifetime of the phone and folder. This also enables the removal of the phone from the cover when necessary.  Just peel off the folder from the phone and you can see the adhesive pad elongating but releasing slowly from the back of the phone. We have tested as many 40 attachment-reattachment cycles with the adhesive properties remaining intact. 

We expect the folder and Metrix adhesive pad to outlast the normal lifecycle of the phone, during normal usage. The protective sheet that comes with the cover can be used for keeping the adhesive pad clean and free of contamination when the phone is not attached to the cover. In the event the Metrix adhesive pad is contaminated or the adhesive properties are lost for any reason, please contact us at service@davarg.com and we will try to help you correct the problem.


© KANAM and ADOR designs are copyrighted by Castello DaVarg. iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Why would I like the DaVarg Case for iPhone?
We trust that you will be delighted by this DaVarg article. The minimalistic design with no frills of DaVarg cases can be appreciated by many. The leather is as natural as it can get and comes with the character that is imparted by nature. The hand crafted saddle stitching  (in KANAM) is also unique- the stitches are hand made but it beats the quality of regular machine stitching. All of our customers cherish that DaVarg is designed and crafted in USA and not imported. But  we also realize that genuine leather is not for everyone- it takes a certain level of understanding of full grain leather, refinement and appreciation to uniqueness in design, to enjoy DaVarg articles. Having said that, the only way to understand and experience a DaVarg case is to try one, risk free, and decide for yourself.

2. Can I try the DaVarg case risk free?
Absolutely. Every DaVarg article comes with a money back  guarantee. We dont want you to pay for an item you are not abosultley delighted with. You can try the DaVarg case for 30 days, and if you are not completly satisfied with it- just retrun and we will gladly refund the original purchase price.  Now you can shop for DaVarg Products at Amazon.com. Purchases through Amazon.com are protected by the A-to-Z guarantee from Amazon as well as the DaVarg risk free guarantee. You may also avail the Prime Shipping and Free shipping options from Amazon.com


3. Is DaVarg articles available from other retailers?
Yes. The largest internet retailer AMAZON.COM now carries DaVarg article. They are available thru Free s shipping/Prime shipping programs and is additionally covered by the A-to-Z warranty from AMAZON.com.

4.  What comes with the DaVarg case?
The phone case comes packed in a box along with an instruction card. A sample pack of  EEVEs' Leather Balm is also enclosed with every case. You may use the EEVES's leather balm to condition the case of other genuine leather articles. 

5. How does the phone attach to the DaVarg Case?  
Attaching the phone to case is easy and straightforward. The phone can also be detached from case for repositioning if you are not satisfied with the alignment. Please see attachment procedure below.

6. How long will it take to make the leather age and become mature supple?
DaVarg leather is matured and conditioned to an extent before we ship the articles.  In addition, genuine leather is tough and resilient and can be bend and folded to suit your usage style. The stitches will settle down and the fold will form within few days of usage, but the character of genuine leather continue to develop as the case matures in your hands. Leather can take a beating and still look elegant - one of the reasons why we claim that the DaVarg articles will mature gracefully in your use. 

7. What are the feedbacks on some of the features of DaVarg phone cases?
Almost all users appreciate the authenticity of genuine leather. The richness and quality is hard to miss even to a someone who has no knowledge of leather. Many like the folding flap which gives some privacy during usage. The folding flap also lets you close over front screen, letting you hear conversation through the speaker cutout. Many have commented that the front flap prevent the ear from pressing buttons and muting during the call. The extended edges are also liked by many and have protected the phone, 'under influences of gravity'. 

8. What prevents the front flap from opening up?
The design with out buttons or clips was a conscious choice. We realized that there would be users who prefers simplicity and elegance over bulkiness and extra part that could fail over time. With usage the midsection of the case is going to be supple to keep the flap closed on the front screen. The flap will also stay closed while the phone is placed withe the DaVarg Logo facing up.