Saddle Stitching
Handmade. Precise. Durable
Saddle-stitching and Full-grain leather
A match that lasts a lifetime
Two Needles. One Thread
No machines used

Strong and Durable
The saddle stitches are inherently strong, since the threads cross to both sides of leather pulling the leather evenly. Since these are hand made, the stitching can use thicker threads to create perfectly uniform stitch lines that would last as long as full-grain leather.

In comparison, machine made lock stitches use thinner threads that could fit in the sewing machine bobbins. Since the threads stay on same side of leather they cannot be pulled with same tension causing the 'locks' to be uneven within leather layers. The entire stitch length could unravel easily when the thread breaks in any of the stitches.
The thread
We chose a deep orange color for the thread. This color gives a contrasting red-line stitch line that matches well with the 5 shades of DaVarg Leather.

As with everything at DaVarg, close attention was paid to the thread size and type of thread. The bonded thread we use has 0.019" in diameter, with a breaking strength of 31 pounds.

We made sure that the thread, along with the leather will last a lifetime.

Perfection in stitching
One stitch at a time
Origins of saddle stitching
The method of joining thick leather with criss crossing threads has been used for making horse saddles, long before the introduction of sewing machines. Even with the introduction of heavy duty lock stitch machines, this stitching method is preferred since it makes highly durable stitches for the hard wearing horse saddles.

Saddle stitching is still in use today by skilled saddle makers for making high-end saddles, due to the quality and durability of stitches.