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Leather Wallets 

Made in USA

Full-Grain Leather. Saddled Stitched 

Veg-Tan Full-grain Leather

Handmade saddle stitching

Designed & made in USA

Leather with character. Gets better with age.

Slim. Elegant. Front Pocket Fit

 Authentic Natural Leather | Hand Stitched | Made in America

Traditional Designs. Improved.

Designed and crafted to last a lifetime

Full grain veg tan leather

Leather with character.  Every grain and mark as nature intended.

Saddle stitching by hand

Made with one thread and two needles. No sewing machine.

Personalize with your monogram

A custom monogram or message. Help them get back to you.

Proudly made in Texas, USA

From leather to stitching, there is some western heritage in every wallet.

Leather gets better with age

If you like it new. You will cherish it when old.

Designed & made to stay thin.

No fabric lining, padding, glue. Only authentic leather.

How others cherish their DaVarg wallets

Keep them. Only if you cherish them.

Authentic leather takes time to conform and fully develop character.  So try the wallet in daily use for 6 weeks. We will gladly take it back if you feel its not for you.

45-day return policy

Free Shipping in USA

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