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Carry what we must. 

Nothing more.

Slim Wallets

Perfect for Front Pockets 

Made to Last a Lifetime

Authentic Natural Leather | Handstitched | Made in America

Slim Leather Wallets

Thin & Compact. Fits Front Pockets

 Authentic Natural Leather | Hand Stitched | Made in America

Slim Wallets

Leather with Character

Made to last a Lifetime

Veg-Tan Full-grain Leather

Handmade saddle stitching

Designed & made in USA

Designed Thin to Stay Slim 

Fits front pockets and suit pockets 

Authentic full grain veg tan leather

As natural as it can get.  With every grain and mark as nature intended.

Precise handmade saddle stitching

With two needles and one thread. As saddles were made before sewing machines.

Personalize with Monogram

A custom monogram or message. Help them get back to you when lost. 

Made in Texas, USA. With Pride.

 It is a privilege and a responsibility to design, make and ship quality products from USA.  

Leather with character. Gets better with age. 

If you like it new. You will love it when old. 

Designed and made thin. To stay Thin. 

Wallets with only authentic leather. No lining. No padding. No glue. No bulk. 

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45-day return policy

Free Shipping in USA

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Slim Design

Made without bulky padding

Low Profile

Perfect fit in front pockets


Made to last for a lifetime

Timeless Character

Gets even better with age 

Personalize your wallet

Make it yours. Help it come back to you. 

Custom Monogram

Make your wallet as unique as you. Specify two characters and a engrave a custom designed monogram on your wallet. 

Special Inscription

Make a customized gift for that special someone. Inscribe your message that they with see and remember every day.

Designed, handcrafted & sold by 

Castello DaVarg & Co. Texas, USA.

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Authentic Handcrafted Leather.

Created to mature with character.

[ MANO wallet | 3 years ]

Traditional saddle-stitching.

Two needles & one thread.

Every wallet  then hand-stitched, one stitch at a time. 

Just like how it was done before sewing machines.