The inspiration for Castello Davarg came from simple leather belt. One of our founders, had a leather belt made with original cowhide from very famous San Fransisco based denim company. This belt was used for few decades, and as can be seen here. The grain, the pull-up and the wear marks this belt held up good with daily wear. When he wanted a new belt just like his trusted old belt, he was not satisfied with what was in the market. So he took upon himself to make a belt out of natural leather and started the quest to learn more about leather and traditional leather crafting techniques.What started as a curiosity turned into a passion for leather and crafting techniques- with every detail on DaVarg Leather carefully considered and perfected over years. The 5 leather shades, hand-stitching, back coating and edge finishing were developed specifically and tested to ensure that they will last forever. Soon Castello DaVarg & Co was born with the assistance of few friends and family.


epidermal structure

The epidermal top layer in full-grain leather retains the character of the natural hide. Vegetable tanning preserves this layer and the grain continues to mature and develop further character with age. 


grain translucency

The leather grain has a natural shine that reflects and refracts light even when they are tinted deep with a shade. Leather sheen improves as grains surface gets waxed and polished. Opaque leather lacks sheen. 


shade variegations

Patina is the natural unevenness in shades that gets pronounced as grain layer is stretched and as leather absorbs moisture and oils. Patina develops with age, giving the leather a well-worn vintage appearance.    

Castello DaVarg & Co


Located 30 miles north of Dallas, the city of McKinney is unlike the flat plains in rest of north Texas.Lush with greenery and rolling hills, it is truly unique by nature. McKinney has been consistent rated to be one of the best places to live in United States. This is where Castello DaVarg & Co was founded and still has its design center. Our crafting operations are done in Dallas Fort-Worth area.