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DaVarg Guarantee

The DaVarg Guarantee

A Lifetime of Commitment

Every Castello DaVarg article is backed by the DaVarg Guarantee

We design and make every thing we sell, so don't have to depend on others for assuring our quality. We want you to cherish Davarg articles with the same confidence we design and make them for you. We are confident about our leather, our designs and our craftsmanship and we back that confidence with our unique guarantee.

The DaVarg Guarantee

Castello DaVarg articles comes with a guarantee against material defects or craftsmanship defects, for the lifetime of the product. In the event that something does go wrong, we will replace or repair that article without question.

The DaVarg Guarantee 

Commitment. A DaVarg State of Mind.

We create Leather as a lifetime investment- something that we age and cherish. We also impart them with our character and personality as we use and wear them. When we unwrap the box and take out the new Davarg article, the first experience is the aroma of full grain leather and EEVE's leather conditioning balm applied to it before shipping. It is going to bring back memories of the family heirlooms: a grandfathers wallet, family's leather bible, dad's cherished leather belt. 

Then we will feel the elegance and character of full grain leather. DaVarg leather is never embossed with fake grains or coated with synthetic pigments. Every grain, every pore is retained on our leather. As we run your fingers over the hand stitched edges, we notice the perfectly made contrasting red-line stitching. We then start to appreciate the time and effort our craftsmen put into creating this article.

Why is this important? We know that we will develop an emotional bond with such leather. It is going to mature gracefully, develop character and last a lifetime. With DaVarg Leather, we are investing in the leather that is going to develop that bond.

Note: The lifetime guarantee is limited to materials and workmanship and is only available to original purchaser of the DaVarg article, with proof of purchase. DaVarg articles can also be returned within 45 days for a refund or exchange. Click here to contact us for a Return Material Authorization.