DaVarg Leather Company • Texas, USA
Leather made for a lifetime

Not a Trading Company

DaVarg is not another trading company that imports and sells online.

We design and make every article we sell - with a 100% guarantee. In a world full of machine-made synthetic materials, DaVarg continue to use traditional saddle stitching and natural leather to make articles that last a lifetime.

Our Story
Passion for fine leather and perfection in designs
We didn't start as a leather manufacturing company.

Castello DaVarg wanted a leather belt to replace his 20 year old belt. Knowing what he wanted, he got frustrated with the poor quality belts that were available in the market. In a market full of mass produced artificial leather - most of them made in China- finding a quality leather belt was almost impossible. So, he took it upon himself to make a better quality belt.

As he started exploring, he was captivated by the character and durability of full grain cowhide, the same leather that is used in making timeless western saddles. As he learned more about saddlery, he also came across the stitching technique used to join thick pieces of leather. With the knowledge of basic leather crafting, he merged veg-tan leather with saddle stitching to make his first belt.

Castello continued to work on the leather and saddle stitching for about 8 years. He was not in a hurry: this was more of a hobby that that allowed him to learn and have fun, with no intention to sell anything he made. All his works were handed over to his friends and family. That, however changed when he made a few wallets and gave them to his colleagues at work. They loved the character and durability of leather and urged him to make more.

In 2012, he was decided to start a business out of his passion, and the DaVarg Leather Company was born. Bulk production of leather was established from US tanneries. A small group of artisans in the Dallas area was trained on saddle stitching and leather finishing. Since then, DaVarg shipped to over 34 countries around the world, creating a loyal customer base. Castello still reads every email and review from his customers, taking the feedback as he works on his next designs.
"Find the best leather you can afford. Take care of it as it ages with you.

That leather is going last you a lifetime. You will cherish its character and elegance long after you forget what you paid for it."

- Castello DaVarg
The Spartan Helmet Logo
11 strokes of character & elegance
Made with just 11 strokes, the logo represents our brand and is embossed on every article. We chose a simple line-stroke logo to match the elegance of leather.

On the right is the 9 year old leather tag with hand-carved logo by Castello DaVarg. The logo was turned to left, but the design remained the same.
Made in Texas. USA

We are proud to be a Texas company.

It was in Texas that we discovered the leather and our classic crafting methods. We learned from the design and crafting of Western cowboy saddles, while the good folk in Texas encouraged, taught and supported us though these years.

So, thank you Texas!

Elegance, Character & Durability 

 In our leather,  one can see every pore and every mark just as nature intended. The grains on such leather is not artificially embossed; we intentionally leave these grains and patterns to be further developed - with every day use. 
Handcrafted - one stitch at at time

In an age of machine made products, we still use the centuries old saddle-stitching technique to craft our articles.  Each stitch length is pulled to equal tension by hand to create uniform, perfectly in-line stitches.
Form follows function

DaVarg articles are developed from the grounds up with function in mind. Every piece of leather, every stitch and every cut is designed to serve its function; not only when it is new, but also as the leather matures. 

Natural care for natural leather

Castello DaVarg developed our own leather care formulations for DaVarg Leather. So the EEVEs' leather care products were developed from all natural ingredients for full grain leather. EEVEs' Rejuvenating Balm, Restoring Oil and Weatherproofing wax can be used to bring  life back to any full grain leather. 
Shades that complement full grain leather

There are 5 shades that tint our leather - but not in black. Why? Because black shaded leather, in our opinion, is an indication of substandard leather. Such dark, opaque coatings hide the natural character of leather and are often used to disguise substandard leather with a fake grain embossing to mimic full-grain leather. 
Contrasting hand made stitches

We spend some time finding out the exact thread that showcases the stitching on full grain leather. The thread we chose is about 0.6mm diameter with a red-orange tint. We found that this color contrasts well with our shades and resists fading with use.