Our Lifetime Guarantee

We want you to purchase Davarg articles with the same confidence we design and make them for you.

DaVarg Leather Co. guarantees against material defects or craftsmanship defects for the lifetime of the product. In the event that something does go wrong, we will replace or repair that article without questions.
" We design and make every thing we sell. We don't depend on others for assuring our quality. We know such lifetime guarantees are uncommon at this day and age. We realize it is not just a good business practice, it is the right thing to do,”

– Castello DaVarg
Guaranteed with confidence
Our experience with leather and crafting has given us the confidence to create lasting value for our customers. Reviews such as below shows we are doing somethings right.

Awesome customer service Customer service goes above and beyond, I wanted to exchange for different color, I wanted the Karmel thought I'd get a hassle but nope sent me a new one before I had sent the other back so I was never without a DAVARG wallet. The new wallet was just as high quality as the first. Don't hesitate grab one you won't be disappointed. - Thomas McCall

Masterpiece Exceptionally well designed. Rich look, modern elegant design, compact but sleek and holds 10 plus cards. Highly recommended. Quality speaks for itself.- Sunil D.
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.
- Matthew 7:12
Leather. A long lasting investment
We think of leather as a lifetime investment- something that we acquire and age with them- imparting your character and personality with every day use.

When you unwrap the box and take the new Davarg article in your hand, the first experience is the aroma of full grain leather and EEVE's leather conditioning balm applied to it before shipping. It is going to bring back memories of your family heirlooms: your grandfathers wallet, you family's leather bible, dad's cherished leather belt.

Then you will feel the elegance and character of full grain leather. Our leather is never embossed with fake grains or coated with synthetic pigments. Every grain, every pore is retained on our leather. As you run your fingers over the hand stitched edges you will notice the perfectly made contrasting red-line stitching. You will start to appreciate the time and effort our craftsmen put into creating this article for you.

You will see how our articles has a slim profile even though we use thicker leather. The absence of padding and linings would be evident. There is no smell of glue or adhesives on our articles, we don't use them because we don't have to due to our unique crafting methods. There is nothing to peel and detach in these articles.

Why is all this important? We know that you will develop an emotional bond with such leather. It is going to mature gracefully, develop character and last you a lifetime. In DaVarg Leather, you are investing in the best leather that is available to develop that bond.