№ 165 HEMING Folio for iPad Mini, Mini 2 & Mini 3

  • Elegant design
    Genuine full grain leather
    Single segment leather exterior
    Auto latching front cover
    Supports auto sleep/wake function
    Full access to screen, buttons, ports and switches
    Use in widescreen, journal and vertical modes
    Meticulous hand stitching
    Saddle stitched edges 
    Designed and crafted in USA

  • Carry your iPad  in style- in a genuine leather case  that is  elegant in a sports bar as well as in a boardroom. Handcrafted from single sheet of full grain leather, the HEMING  iPad cases are elegant yet functional. The full grain leather ensures that the case will mature gracefully with use, developing a unique character and personality while lasting a lifetime.

    The case fully encases the iPad mini and helps protect it while being carried. The edge stitching developed by Castello DaVarg for these cases improves rigidity of the case on both sides. The edges also help protect the iPad from shocks and bumps. The front flap on the case is designed to give full coverage while closed. The wrap-around design was carefully chosen for functional elegance as well as for protection. The flap is provided with a magnetic latch for easy closure and opening of the case. Since there are no moving parts, the latch along withe case are designed and built to last a lifetime.

    The iPad is attached to HEMING with GECCO Sticktion Grip System. GECCO does not use any adhesives, yet creates a strong grip on non-porous materials. GECCO is made with an acrylic base with millions of tiny cells to develop adhesion forces to surfaces such as aluminum and glass. These attachments improve over time, to develop a stronger grip. Lack of adhesives eliminates contamination issues or loss of adhesion due to normal humidity and temperature variations. GECCO also allows for multiple reattachments as long as the Phone and Pad surfaces are kept clean.

    All DaVarg articles are crafted with genuine full grain leather and as such will come with the character and marks that are inherent in genuine leather

    Apple, iPad® and iPad mini are trademarks of Apple Inc.


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