№ 725 EEVEs' Conditioning Wax
№ 725 EEVEs' Conditioning Wax


№ 725 EEVEs' Conditioning Wax


    EEVEs' Conditioning Wax help provide protection against moisture and works on both grain and corium layer of leather for deep protection. Conditioning oils penetrate deep into the corium acting as an effective barrier to  moisture. The Carnauba wax and Bees wax gives the outer grain a clear protective layer, keeping leather conditioned for  a long time, enabling it to mature gracefully with use.

    As with all EEVEs' Leathercare products, a little amount of Wax goes a long way. Apply a small amount and massage the wax as the leather absorbs it.  

    See also EEVE's Leather Balm and EEVE's Leather Restoring Oil.  EEVEs' Restoring Oil can be used as first step in reconditioning genuine leather articles. Once the leather is reconditioned and restored, apply EEVEs' Leather Balm for routine conditioning. For protecting leather against moisture use EEVEs' Conditioning Wax. 

    Note: EEVEs' Conditioning Wax should not be used on any artificial leather or suede or Napa leather. While Wax may be applied on any genuine leather, it could darken the leather to some extent, due to wax being absorbed into corium layer.  In genuine leather, this darkening is due to the absorption of wax into the grain and is natural. However, on artificial and suede leathers, this can give unpredictable results. It is always preferable to test the wax in small areas prior to full application. 
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