№ 301 KETAG Leather Tag

  • KETAG leather tags from Castello DaVarg, Texas, USA. Experience DaVarg leather and add a touch of class and personalization to your key chain, briefcase or luggage. 

    Since not everyone has had the opportunity of experiencing the luxury of full grain leather, we realize the importance of introducing its unique character, quality and durability. Crafted from the same leather we use for our articles, KETAG tag is an inexpensive way to sample and experience the the full grain leather and different shades of  DaVarg leather. We even made the key hole 4mm from the edges so you can test the tensile strength of the edge strip.  We are certain that once you feel and experience the quality and durability of Davarg leather, you will appreciate why it is cherished. 

    KETAG tags come with a sample pack of EEVEs Leather Balm. You may use the EEVES leather balm on the the KETAG or other genuine leather articles to see how the EEVEs Leather Balm helps to condition genuine leather. 

    KETAG(P) are also available with personalization. 

  • 36x58x1.6mm | 6 grams

    Single piece of full grain leather Available in select DaVarg  shades
    Designed and crafted in USA
  • KETAG genuine leather tag (1)

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