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Leather with Character

Full-grain Leather

Handstitched in America

 Full-grain Veg-tan Leather

Handmade saddle stitching

Designed & made in the USA

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/ele · ga · nce/

Full grain leather has the natural elegance that makes further develops over time.  This makes full-grain leather rare and cherished. 


/cha · rac · ter/

Authentic leather  develops character as it ages. Every mark and fold made on it tell us about the places and events it has endured. 


/du · ra · bili · ty/

A unique dual layer structure of full-grain leather makes it strong, flexible and durable. DaVarg Leather is made to last a lifetime.

Full-grain veg-tan leather

Leather with character.  Every grain and mark as nature intended.

Saddle stitching

Made with one thread and two needles. No sewing machine.

Personalized Leather

Inscribe a custom monogram or message. Help them get back to you.

Proudly made in the USA

Born in America. Made in America.

Traditional saddle-stitching.

Every wallet then hand-stitched, one stitch at a time. With two needles and one thread. Just like how it was done before sewing machines.

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