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We all know that a new watch strap can upgrade the wristwatch and set it apart from the crowd. But before we can get a new watch strap that matches our style we will need to establish your watch strap size.  Understanding the watch strap sizing conventions will help you in finding the DaVarg watch strap that will provide proper fit on your watch and wrist. Proper sizing of the watch strap very important due to multiple reasons.

1. Compatibility:  Since watch manufactures makes their watches with different case diameters  and lug width, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to matching straps with watches. An extra large sports watch requires a replacement strap with different measurements compared to a vintage wristwatch with a smaller case.

2. Wrist Fit:  A watch strap secure your watch around your wrist with out leaving imprints on the skin, and it should be loose enough to slide around your wrist when needed. In most cases,  width of watch strap should  proportionally match the case diameter of the watch.

3. Personal Style:  The watch strap size should watch and the wrist size. Larger the wrist the larger the strap it can accommodate. It is also commonly preferred to use thinner straps with smaller watches and thick straps with larger watches. 

Hence the two essential dimensions to consider when calculating watch strap size are: Strap length and Strap width. 


Every watch need a well fitting strap set to be elegant on the wrist.  Wearing watches that are too loose or poorly fitted is a fashion mistake. Similarly, those that are too tight, squeezing the skin and restricting blood flow, are also not ideal. No two wrists are identical so we have made straps that can range from very small to very large. Finding the exact strap is a critical step for purchasing a new watch strap.

Strap length is commonly presented as A/B mm (e.g. 125/75mm). The first number (A) – which is longer – is the length of the tail side strap and the second number (B) is the length of the buckle side strap.  The strap measurements are expressed in millimeters. 

DaVarg straps are designed and dimensioned from ground-up for a precise fit on the wrist. The best way to size for our straps is by measuring your wrist size and selecting the strap length combination from the table below. You may also use your existing strap lengths as a sizing reference to order. Do not be concerned with getting an exact wrist measurement. 

Measurement variations around half inch (12mm) is acceptable for sizing leather straps. Further the holes on tail strap allow up to 2 inches of adjustment range on ur straps.

DUAL straps (EL, SL, TL, EX, SX, EA, SA)

Strap Length (A/B)- Wrist Size, inches | mm

100/60 -  5.1-5.5 in | 130-140 mm

105/65 -  5.5-5.9 in | 140-150 mm

110/70 -  5.9-6.3 in | 150-160 mm

115/75 -  6.3-6.7 in | 160-170 mm

120/80 -  6.7-7.1 in | 170-180 mm

125/85 -  7.1-7.5 in | 180-190 mm

130/90 -  7.5-7.9 in | 190-200 mm

135/95 -  7.9-8.3 in | 200-210 mm

140/100- 8.3-8.7 in | 210-220 mm

145/105 -  8.7-9.1 in | 220-230 mm

SINGLE straps (ML, MX)

Strap Size- Length: Wrist Size, inches | mm

P   -260mm  - 5.0-6.6 in | 127-168 mm

M  -280mm  - 6.6-8.1 in | 169 - 206 mm

G  -300mm  - 8.1-9.5 in | 207 - 241 mm


Wrist watches are fitted with two pairs of lugs that are used to secure the strap to the watch case. They play a crucial role in the ergonomics of any watch, ensuring comfort, security and durability.

The distance between the two lugs is referred to as the ‘lug width’, or strap width, and is measured in millimeters (mm). Lug width varies from timepiece-to-timepiece, but the distance is typically in the region of 18–26mm, with 20mm being the most common size for men’s watches. Generally, for the strap width is half the case diameter, but can vary based on manufacturer and watch model. 

It’s crucial to know your watch’s lug width when shopping for a new strap. It determines how wide the replacement strap should be in order for it to properly fit your wristwatch.


Wrist sizes are measured as the circumference of the wrist where the watch is normally worn. Wrist measurement can be done easily with a measuring tape or a strip of paper. 

Wrap the flexible measurement tape around the wrist where the watch is normally worn. The measurement can be directly read from the tape. You can also use a paper strip about 1 inch wide and warp it around the wrist where the watch is normally worn. Make a mark on the paper where the paper overlaps. This mark can be used to compare against a standard ruler to determine the wrist circumference. 

Since DaVarg leather straps are easily adjustable, the measurements need not be precise. Besides, human wrist can change its size during the course of the day due to many factors such as physical activity, weather, hydration levels etc.  Do not be concerned with getting an exact wrist measurement. Measurement variations around quarter inch (6mm) is acceptable for sizing leather straps.


Measuring the width between the lugs where the band is attached can be done with a standard ruler or a caliper. The lug width may also be available from the watch manufacturers catalog for the particular model. 

Lug widths are measured in millimeters. Typical lug widths are 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

If you need our assistance in confirming the lug sizes for your watch, please send us a message with your watch make and model.