Placeholder Watch strap size measurement guide - Castello DaVarg


Understanding the watch strap sizing conventions will help you in finding the DaVarg watch strap that will provide proper fit on your watch and wrist. 

The important size elements are short strap length (A), long strap length (B), buckle width (C) watch lug width (D) and strap width. The strap width, for example, is described as 22/20, it means that the 22 is the width between watch lugs that is equal to the width of the strap lug ends, and the 20 is the internal width of the buckle that is equal to the width of the strap buckle end. The strap length, for example, is described as 110/75, it means that the 110 is the length of long strap with the holes, and the 75 is the length of short strap part with the buckle. All measurements are expressed in millimeters. 

To find the right size of the straps, measure the length of current straps with a metric ruler in millimeters (mm). Then select one of the available length options that are equal or near-equal to the lengths from the drop-down menu in each of the watch strap product page. The watch straps can also be sized by measuring your wrist size and selecting the strap length combination from the table below.

Strap Length: Wrist Circumference, inches | millimeters

100/60: 5.1-5.5 in | 130-140 mm

105/65: 5.5-5.9 in | 140-150 mm

110/70: 5.9-6.3 in | 150-160 mm

115/75: 6.3-6.7 in | 160-170 mm

120/80: 6.7-7.1 in | 170-180 mm

125/85: 7.1-7.5 in | 180-190 mm

130/90: 7.5-7.9 in | 190-200 mm

135/95: 7.9-8.3 in | 200-210 mm

140/100: 8.3-8.7 in | 210-220 mm

145/105: 8.7-9.1 in | 220-230 mm


Wrist measurements are measured as the circumference of the wrist where the watch is normally worn. Wrist measurement can be done easily with a measuring tape or a strip of paper. 

Wrap the flexible measurement tape around the wrist where the watch is normally worn. The measurement can be directly read from the tape. Or use a paper strip about 1 inch wide and warp it around the wrist where the watch is normally worn. Make a mark on the paper where the paper overlaps. This mark can be used to compare against a standard ruler to determine the wrist circumference. 


Watch bands are typically attached between the watch case lugs. Measuring the width between the lugs where the band is attached can be done with a standard ruler. Since the exact width between the lugs is essential for proper band fitting, measuring the lug width with a vernier caliper is often preferred. The lug width may be also available from the watch manufacturers catalog for the particular model. 

Lug widths are measured in millimetres. Typical lug widths are 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm and 24mm - even through there are watches with non standard lug widths.