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Authentic Leather. Purposeful Designs. Durable Craftsmanship.

DaVarg is a family owned small-business based specializing in hand crafted authentic leather goods. We design and craft all article from workshop-studio in Dallas, Texas.

Our motivation to start the company was simple. We just wanted to rediscover the leather from our youth, the kind that could withstand the test of time, enduring wear and tear while still retaining its durability. This was the leather that developed a unique patina and vintage charm over the years, with an earthy aroma that stirred nostalgic memories. Whether it was a well-worn leather folio, wallet, or a cherished family heirloom like a Bible case, these leather items were passed down through generations.

However, finding authentic leather proved to be an difficult task amidst a market inundated with faux and synthetic leather. The terminology used to describe artificial leather, such as "bonded leather," "genuine leather," or "PU leather," often added to the confusion and was nearly impossible to discern the authenticity of the leather we were getting. We also recognized that synthetic "leather" could never replicate the unique qualities of natural leather. It lacked the ability to mature gracefully and acquire the distinctive patina that real leather developed over time. Additionally, within a few months of use, synthetic alternatives would deteriorate, exhibiting unsightly cracks and peeling, exposing their artificial self in public, and could even become a source of embarrassment.

This frustration with artificial leather motivated us to source authentic leather, and design and make our own functional leather goods, and expand as a business. To keep us grounded on our mission, we established three core operating principles.

Authentic vegetable-tanned top grain leather: We diligently source vegetable-tanned leather processed with natural tannins from reputable tanneries in Europe and the USA. This leather possesses a distinctive character and aroma, unmatched durability, and the ability to age gracefully, acquiring its unique vintage patina. 

Purposeful functional designs with an emphasis on form following function: Leather is a versatile material for design, and our creations leverage its full potential. Purposeful designs accentuate its character and elegance through the incorporation of various stitch patterns, cuts, and shapes. We employ functional, robust metal hardware such as brass and stainless steel, ensuring every design feature serves a practical purpose.

Handcrafted in the United States of America:To enhance the leather's character, we utilize meticulous hand made saddle stitching without using sewing machines. Even though it takes more time, saddle stitching produces the precise strong stitches and we were able to use high strength thicker and contrasting threads that add more elegance to our designs. In a world where most products are imported and rebranded, we remain committed to designing and crafting in the United States, ensuring that you receive the finest handcrafted leather.

At DaVarg, these three principles guide us on our mission to create leather articles that you will proudly carry and use daily. We trust you will cherish these articles as they mature in your wear and care. We want you to shop with confidence and be delighted in everything we make and sell, so we offer our 45 days risk free return policy. 

We sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement to small businesses such as ours in the USA. To learn more about us we encourage you to read our journal blog.

Castello DaVarg  Team
McKinney, Texas. USA


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