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authentic leather

DaVarg exclusively uses top grain or full grain leather made from vegetable tanned cowhides. We source this leather from tanneries in United States or Europe. 

ALLURE of leather

Natural leather is an enigma. Imperfect yet perfect. An object of desire and fascination. The look, feel, and aroma of leather evoke a sense of utility and luxury for those who know and appreciate it. 

timeless character

Authentic leather comes with an inherent character. Shade variations and grain patterns further add to its character. The character is enhanced by daily use giving it a vintage appearance. 


DaVarg leather is available in multiple shades and grain textures. The various textures and shades add to the uniqueness and character of the leather. 


With age and wear, leather matures. As it endures and absorbs the elements, it develops a distinctive patina. The patina, along with the wear marks, folds, and scratches, reflects the character of its owner and tells the tale of their journeys together. 


top layer

The natural character of vegetable tanned leather is derived from its top epidermal layer called grain. With wear and age the grain continues to develop character and matures gracefully.  


grain translucency

Natural leather grain layer has an inherent sheen. This sheen improves as the grain layer gets polished during use. Sheen is a characteristic of uncoated grain but is typically absent in artificial leather.


shade variations

Patina is the natural shade variation as the grain layer gets stretched, and absorbs moisture and oils. Patina continuously evolves with age, giving the leather a well-worn vintage appearance.  



The elegance of leather belies its sophistication. Its unique qualities come from its intricate grain and corium structure. DaVarg makes use of leather with mature grain and corium to create articles with elegance and character.  


Natural leather's unique properties can be attributed to its dual-layer structure of grain and corium. A fine grain layer gives leather its elegance and character, while a fibrous corium layer serves as a flexible base for the grain layer. The interwoven corium layer allows the leather to breathe, and absorb and retain moisture, making it flexible, strong, and durable.   


Most leather products have an unfinished corium layer, which attracts moisture, gets stained, or loses its fibers. Moreover, loose corium fibers can degrade leather's durability. To overcome this, DaVarg developed a proprietary coating that can bind the corium layers to give a smooth, clean finish. As a result of the custom grain and shades along with the back coating, DaVarg leather retains its elegance and character for years to come.


In most natural leathers, the corium layer is often left unfinished, causing it to attract moisture, get stained, or to have the fibers come loose. The loose corium fibers can also degrade the durability of leather. To overcome this, DaVarg developed a proprietary coating that can bind the corium layers to give a smooth clean finish. The custom DaVarg shades along with back coating ensures the leather retains its elegance and character for a long time.


Veg-tan leather is known for its durability and strength. With proper care and wear it could last decades, if not centuries. Its dual grain-corium structure not only makes it supple but also makes it strong and durable to endure life's journeys. 

the process

Leather Selection

All leathers are not created equal. DaVarg Leather is made from mature hides that have an optimal grain-to-corium ratio. Authentic vegetable-tanned hides undergo several steps to transform fully into DaVarg Leather.  

Sorting & Grading

Vegetable tanned leather comes in varying quality levels. They are graded based on factors such as grain quality, corium thickness, and hide size. For DaVarg Leather, only leather grades without branding or large marks are selected.  


Vegetable-tanned hides have a creamy, pale shade that attracts dirt and stains. The grain side of the leather is dyed in a variety of custom colors to prevent staining and add further character.

Back Coating

In most leathers, the corium or back side of the leather is often unfinished- this causes the corium side to attract moisture, get stained, and have its fibers quickly come loose. To avoid this, back side of Davarg leather is also coated with a specially formulated layer that bonds the corium fibers together.


After the leather is back-coated, it is branded with a contour wave pattern. The wave pattern in leather proves its continuity. DaVarg's maker's mark is then applied to this leather as our stamp of approval.