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Elegance, Character & Durability 

Full grain leather is as natural and elegant as leather gets. In addition, Vegetable Tanning process further preserves every natural detail  in the leather. In our leather,  can see every pore and every mark just as nature intended. The grains on such leather is not artificially embossed; we intentionally leave these grains and patterns to be further developed - with every day use. 
Handcrafted - one stitch at at time

In an age of machine made products, we still use centuries old saddle-stitching to craft our articles. These hand made stitches are made with two needles with the threads criss-cross across the leather.  Each stitch length is pulled to equal tension by hand to create uniform, perfect in-line stitches. Our special saddle-stitching bonds the leather and last a lifetime.   
Form follows function

DaVarg articles are developed from grounds up with function in mind. Every piece of leather, every stitch and every cut is designed to serve its function; not only when it is new, but also as the leather matures.  One reason why our designs are unique is this passion to merge function with design. At Castello DaVarg,  form follows function is the guiding design principle.
There is a bit of cowboy in all of us

Castello DaVarg Leather Company was born and raised in Texas. Its roots go back to western saddlery- the artisanship of creating saddles for ranchers and cowboys as they survived the harsh Texas seasons. We adopted the full grain leather and saddle stitching used in Westered saddles were adopted in the design and crafting of DaVarg articles. Castello DaVarg is based in McKinney about 30 miles north of Dallas Texas. 
Grain and corium layers of full grain leather

The elegance, character and durability of natural full grain leather is mainly due to its unique dual layer structure. The top grain epidermal layer is supported by the the flexible fibrous corium layer. This combination of grain and corium is give leather its unique qualities. The elegance and character of leather comes from the grain layer and the durability is from the corium structure- together they make a material that matures gracefully with age. 
Matures gracefully. Last a lifetime

Vegetable tanned full grain leather is highly durable. It is strong, resilient and matures gracefully with everyday use. The edges get rounded and the grain patterns develops further. The folds, creases  and the multi-tone patina are enhanced- almost reflecting its owners personality. DaVarg articles are created with such leather, to mature gracefully over a lifetime. When ready, you can pass it down your generations.
Natural care for natural leather

Castello DaVarg developed our own leather care formulations for DaVarg Leather. The dual structure of leather with grain and corium necessitates a unique moisture that can penetrate the fine grain layer, yet not make leather oily. So the EEVEs' leather care products were developed from all natural ingredients for full grain leather. EEVES' Rejuvenating Balm, Restoring Oil and Weatherproofing wax can be used to bring  life back to any full grain leather. 
Shades that complement full grain leather

There are 5 shades that tint our leather - but not in black.
Why? Because black shaded leather, in our opinion, is an indication of substandard leather. Such dark, opaque coatings hide the natural character of leather and are often used to disguise substandard leather with a fake grain embossing to mimic full-grain leather. So, if you are looking for black coated leather with fake grain patterns- sorry, you will have to keep looking for it elsewhere. 
Contrasting hand made stitches

We spend some time finding out the exact thread that showcases the stitching on full grain leather. The thread we chose is about 0.6mm diameter with a red-orange tint. We found that this color contrasts well with our shades and resists fading with use.  Thread material also was selected for its strength and resistance to UV and moisture. The attention to detail to the color and material of the thread is another example of the attention to detail on DaVarg articles.
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45-Day Returns
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Lifetime Guarantee
We trust in the quality of our leather and crafting, so we show our commitment with the Lifetime Guarantee. This warranties against defects in leather and craftsmanship - if something goes wrong, we will fix it.