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Caring For Full-grain Leather

Preserving Grain, Sheen and Patina


Full-grain leather has the same structure as human skin and would benefit from conditioning to keep it soft, supple and durable. Due to its dual-layer structure, it requires multi-level conditioning with natural moisturizers to preserve and enhance the grain, sheen and patina and to nourish and protect both layers. 

The grain layer needs a thicker consistency conditioning agent such as a wax or balm to prevent the grains from getting saturated with oil. The relatively looser fiber structure absorbs oils more readily than grain layer and need a deep penetrating lighter consistency oil. Proper conditioning and moisture is also essential to enhance the vitality and durability of leather.


epidermal structure

The epidermal top layer in full-grain leather retains the character of the natural hide. Vegetable tanning preserves this layer and the grain continues to mature and develop further character with age. 


grain translucency

The leather grain has a natural shine that reflects and refracts light even when they are tinted deep with a shade. Leather sheen improves as grains surface gets waxed and polished. Opaque leather lacks sheen. 


shade variegations

Patina is the natural unevenness in shades that gets pronounced as grain layer is stretched and as leather absorbs moisture and oils. Patina develops with age, giving the leather a well-worn vintage appearance.    

Caring for full-grain leather


EEVEs' LeatherCare products are developed by Castello DaVarg & Co for full-grain vegetable tanned leather and its dual layer structure. EEVES' LeatherCare such as Balm, Oil and Wax, help condition, nourish and protect the grain surface of DaVarg Leather. Since it is formulated with all natural ingredients, it is safe to use on almost all natural leather, except, Napa or suede leathers.

EEVEs' LeatherCare


EEVEs' leathercare products are developed with natural ingredients such as Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Shea butter, Lanolin. A combination of natural essential oils from Lavender, Lemon Grass, Thyme, Cedar, Vetiver and Patchouli enhances the natural scent of leather.

Character of Full Grain Leather


Natural veg-tan leather has a characteristic spicy, woody aroma that adds to the character and elegance of leather. This aroma is a blend of scent of tree tannins used in the tanning and the scent of hide fibers. EEVEs' Leather Care is formulated to enhance this natural scent.