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Saddlecrafted Leather

Designed and made in the USA

Saddlecrafted Leather

Designed and made in the USA

The saddlecrafting heritage

In western saddlery, layers of vegetable tanned cowhide are handstitched to create horse saddles, harness and tack. Such leather has a unique character and is made to survive the rigors of western ranch life. As leathermakers from Texas, we depend on the same saddlecrafting tradition to create DaVarg articles. Using finest full-grain vegetable leather, we craft them – one article at a time. 

Elegance in design. Precision handcrafting.

We created every feature to be simple with obvious functionality. From stitching to the embossed spartan logo, every design element is well thought out and carefully crafted.Unlike superfluously designed, mass produced synthetic products, the elegance and character of DaVarg leather articles are enhanced by the functional elements melded into full-grain leather with saddle-crafting.  

Stitching that lasts forever.

Perfectly aligned red-line saddle stitching.

Makers mark. 

Our promise and guarantee. 

Back coated leather.

Special coating binds and protects corium fibers.

DaVarg Logo

The Spartan. Deep embossed into grain. 

Creating character. 

One stitch at a time.

In saddle stitching, two needles criss cross a single thread to create precise durable stitches. Since we don't use sewing machines, we are able to use thicker threads to create stronger bonds. While such hand stitching takes more time, we use such traditional saddle-crafting methods for creating articles that are meant to last a lifetime. 

Attention to detail. In every detail.

From embossing logo to edge finishing a lot of attention is paid to ensure that every DaVarg article enhances the elegance and character of natural full-grain leather. For instance, the graphite finish on leather edges requires cleaning and rounding the leather edges, then giving two coating of a proprietary edge coating. To develop the graphite look another matte coating is applied by blending the edge to leather. 

Graphite finished edges.

Hand finished matte coated leather edges.

Handmade cross-stitching.

Extra reinforcement at high stress areas.


Inscribe your monogram or a message. 

Metal hardware

Solid hardware adds to the durability of leather

Real Leather

We use vegetable tanned, full-grain cowhide leather. It matures gracefully with character with everyday wear.

Saddle Crafting 

With saddle stitching, hand riveting and edge finishing, DaVarg articles are made with the western saddle crafting tradition.

Crafted in USA

Born & crafted in Texas, one article at a time. Every article is crafted to mature with character and survive the rigors of everyday use.