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 ML Watch Straps



Custom Made to Order.

Just for You.

Match your strap. To your watch.

Choose from leather shades to match your style.

Pebbled - ORANGE

Pebbled - blACK

Pebbled - RED

Pebbled - KARMEL

Pebbled - TAN

Pebbled - GREEN

Pebbled - BROWN

Pebbled - BLUE

Elegance of Leather. Military Style Design.

We developed the MILBAND™ design to bring the luxury and character of leather to military watch straps.

Design & Features

Your watch will never be the same again.

Transform your watch

Set it apart from the ordinary. 

A perfectly complimenting watch strap will transform any watch.  DaVarg ML straps are made with top-grain Italian leather and  finished with handmade saddle stitching and custom hardware. They are available in multiple lug widths and strap length to give a perfect fit on your watch and wrist.

Uniquely Designed

Military strap design. In authentic leather.

It is not easy to develop a military style strap in leather. We had to design the strap from ground up. We came up with a reinforced dual leather layer strap body. The strap profile and length are reimagined to ensure the watch lug widths and lengths are a perfect fit on all wrist sizes. 

Made To Order

Individually made for a precise fit.

We don't mass manufacture one-size-fit all watch straps. Every ML strap is made to your order based on the selection of leather, lug-width, and strap length. This ensures the strap you order is matched to your watch and wrist. 

* Click here for guidance on watch strap sizes and measurements. 

For Small & Large Wrists

Perfect fit on any wrist size. 

Unlike other military style straps that comes in one size, we were determined to make straps that fit the wrist without excess strap tail lengths. So, ML straps are available in three sizes - P, M and G, to fit wrist sizes ranging from 5.1" to 9.1".  

No Dog Tails

No excess strap length to wag around.

Since ML Straps are designed for an exact fit in a range of sizes for your wrist, it reduces the excess strap tail length after the second loop. This along with careful positioning of two metal keeper loops ensure there is minimal excess strap tail that can wag around.

Easily Interchangeable 

Open strap design. Easy to change.

We wanted ML straps to be easily interchangeable. The open strap design provides easy access to the spring bars. Our special 1.8mm spring bars and spring bar changing tool allow quick and easy strap replacement. We also include lug scuff protection masks to protect the lugs during strap replacement.

Handcrafted In The USA

Designed, crafted, shipped and serviced from USA. 

DaVarg is a US based company, and we design and craft every watch strap from McKinney, Texas. This allows us to have full control over every design and crafting aspect of these straps - from order processing to shipping. 

Made For A Perfect Fit

Precise match for the lug width and wrist size.

Authentic Italian Leather

Leather that matures well with everyday use.

Vegetable tanned leather from mature cowhide has been the chosen leather for our watch straps. This leather has excellent strength and durability, and will develop a patina with age. We have chosen leather from certain tanneries in the Tuscany area in Italy for making our watch straps.

Dual Leather Structure

Strength and durability of mature hide.

For ML straps, we use top grain pebbled leather bonded with a softer full grain inner layer. This combination gives the ML strap its characteristic strength and flexibility. The pebbled grain shell also has excellent scratch and water resistance, while the full-grain inner is soft yet has great tear strength.

Handcrafted Perfection 

Finished by hand. Once piece at a time. 

From cutting to assembly to stitching to edge coating, every ML strap goes through 8 steps. And in each step, the strap is carefully worked on by artisans skilled in leather crafting. This attention to handcrafted details makes every strap a unique article. 

Saddle Stitching

Durable stitching that lasts a lifetime

Saddle stitches are made with a single thread and two needles with each stitch pulled and set in by hand. The crisscrossing thread holds the leather layers securely. Stitching by hand allows us to use thicker and stronger thread. We use infinite loop stitching without visible beginning/end or overstitching. 

* Red stitching shown on Black pebbled leather. 

High Strength Thread

Beautiful pronounced stitch lines.

From cutting to assembly to stitching to edge coating, every ML strap goes through 8 steps. And in each step, the strap is carefully worked on by artisans skilled in leather crafting. This attention to handcrafted details makes every strap a unique article. 

Choose the Grain and Shades

Let the watch strap match your watch and your style.

Match your strap with your watch

Choose from our leather selection.

ML straps are offered in several distinct shades so you can match them with your watch. The pebbled grain gives a distinct look and appears as if it is changing the color tone based on lighting. This leather is perfect match on vintage and luxury watches. 

* Since leather is a natural material the color and grain patterns can vary.

Matte Graphite Edge Coating

Well finished smooth leather edges.

DaVarg watch straps are edge finished with our proprietary three step edge coating. This gives the straps a unique smooth rounded matte finish. The color of coating is matched to the color of the leather. The edge coating protects the leather and gives the strap a luxury look and feel. 

Delta Shaped Buckle Holes

Buckles holes that resist deformation.

Unlike typical round holes in other straps, DaVarg straps features triangular 'delta' buckle holes. The flat edge of the delta hole matches the flat surface of the specially designed buckle prong to evenly distribute the stress on the strap. This reduces stress concentration and ensures minimal distortion of the hole, even with repeated daily usage.  

Size & Alignment Markings

Quick and easy strap assembly.

ML strap features alignment holes to assist with attaching the strap. While attaching the strap, the back of the watch case can be viewed through the holes to ensure exact alignment of the strap to the watch. The lug width measurement and strap length are also marked in between the alignment holes. 

ML MILBAND™ Watch Straps

Compare with standard watch straps.




Top grain Italian leather
Nylon, polyester, plastics
Precise fit on watch and wrist


Unpredictable size & lengths
3 sizes for 5.1" to 9.0" wrist sizes
One size fit all. Excess strap length
Multiple leather grain and shades


Color options available
Hand crafted with saddle stitching
Weaker machine made stitching
Custom dual-finish stainless steel


Unreliable generic buckles and loops
Swiss style 1.8mm strong spring bars
Standard weaker spring bars
DaVarg spring bar tool included


No change tool
Comes in a unique strap storage box
Generic packaging 
United States of America


Mostly Asia
45 Days. No questions asked. 

Individual Strap Numbering

A mark of authenticity. 

Every DaVarg watch strap is marked with a unique number that identifies the design revision and date of manufacturing. This marking is another sign of authenticity and an assurance that every strap is individually crafted to your specific order. 

* 1BR938 strap number shown. Numbering visibility depends on the leather color. 

Specially Designed Hardware

Adds to the elegance of watch. 

The buckles and loops in ML are custom designed for a seamless fit on the watch strap. For example, the wider buckle prong is designed to exactly match the hole width in the strap. Unlike nickel based hardware in other common straps which may cause allergy issues, DaVarg hardware is made from hypoallergenic 304 stainless steel.

Dual Finish Buckles

Long lasting finish for daily usage. 

The dual finish in the watch buckles and loops has a very practical purpose. The surfaces that can rub and scratch are given a brushed finish, and rest of the surfaces are given a high polish finish. This gives the hardware a refined look. DaVarg logo and 'delta' emblem also adds distinct character to the hardware.

* Watch hardware is also available matte black and polished gold finish. 

Lug Protector Pads

Protect the watch lugs during strap attachment.

We developed an innovative watch lug protection pad to minimize contact between the tool and the lug during strap attachment. The special woven pad material has an adhesive back and provides a protective layer over the watch lugs. The pads are reusable and comes with a protective backing for storage. 

Swiss Style Spring Bars

Beefy 1.8mm high strength spring bars. 

Spring bars are critical in a watch strap assembly. Weak, degraded spring bars can cause the watch to separate from the strap (and its owner) when least expected. So, we include our custom spring bars with every watch strap we sell and encourage everyone to inspect and replace the spring bars when necessary. 

* DaVarg spring bars can be purchased separately. 

Spring Bar Tool Included

Quick and easy strap attachment.

For quick and easy strap attachment and removal, we include combination spring bar tool with every watch strap. The tool has a fork end and a pin end, and comes with protective caps. The tapered fork end makes secure engagement between spring bar and the tool for easy spring bar and strap attachment. 

* DaVarg spring bar tool can be purchased separately. 

DaVarg Watch Strap Box

All-in-one packing for watch straps.

The ML straps are shipped in an elegant functional storage box with everything you would need for upgrading your watch. The strap, spring bars, and the tool are securely packed along with the microfiber clothing and attachment guide. This box can also be used for storing old watch straps for future use. 

Our Guarantee

We want you to be fully delighted with everything you buy from DaVarg. We also realize that authentic leather could take a few weeks to start maturing and conform, and that is why we offer the 45 day hassle-free, no-questions-asked money back return policy.