№ 2205 HARNEZ Camera Strap

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  • To create leather articles that would last a lifetime, every aspect of a DaVarg article is meticulously designed and crafted. The angles and cuts are madeprecisely. The stitching reinforces the edges, with cross-lock stitches bolstering the ends of stitch line. Even the debossed Spartan logo further serves as the orientation identification. 
  • DaVarg articles are made with leathers that have fully formed grain structure. As a matter of principle, we don't use calf leather or immature hides; since they are too soft and not durable.The character and durability of our articles are derived from veg-tan full-grain leather. If you like them new, you will love them as they mature gracefully.
  • Some things are meant to made the old-fashioned way. We hand stitch that red-line contrasting stitches, one stitch at a time. The leather edges are rounded and coated, also by hand, to give the perfect finish.The article is then aged several days with EEVEs' Leather Balm, to condition leather and set in the stitches before you get them.
  • DaVarg articles are designed and crafted in Texas, USA. In a world full of imported, mass produced leather items with artificial leather, we take our time in crafting them with veg-tan leather and traditional saddle- stitching; just like those Texas made horse saddles. We know this further adds to the that Texas character in every DaVarg article.

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